15 Athletes from Asia to Watch at the Summer Olympics

5 year ago
  • 15 Athletes from Asia to Watch at the Summer Olympics

    The 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro have officially opened with a flashy ceremony celebrating Brazil’s history and cultural diversity, all to the throab beat of samba, bossa nova and funk. Each flagbearer lead by a child holding a plant, "More than 70,000 people that were in the Maracana stadium and more than two dozen world leaders cheered all of the athletes, but there was really a wistful moment when people took to their feet hopeful on this refugee team competing for the first time in the Olympics."

  • 1) Kohei Uchimura/Japan

    1)	Kohei Uchimura/Japan

    It is believable the biggest current gymnast in the world, Japan’s Kohei Uchimura is a strength to be look upon. He left away with a happy face due gold medal for his divine performance in the 2012 Olympic men’s artistic alone versatile rank. After all the sixth world champion title he snag it. And hasn’t display any proof of relax down. who’s been training the gymnast seeing that he was three years old and has darken the world of male gymnastics for about a decade, Uchimura is a myth in his field and come back Rio with a powerful side to win huge. As Japan’s ticket to winning their first team gold medal Uchimura is also far seen, considering 2004 in Athens.

  • 2) Qiu Bo/China

    2)	Qiu Bo/China

    Qiu Bo has been imperious the plunge floor for China in view of his silver medal performance in London. Admitting  American David Boudia worn out him  for the gold in 2012, Qiu has since gone on to two fold win sweep the World Championship on the 10m platform (in 2013 and 2015), preceding  this year also the gold medal at the FINA Diving World Cup. In case late conduct is everything to blow, Qiu is well-ready to claim the gold in a year in order that have seen few of his partner illegal from event in debase crime.

  • 3) Sania Mirza/India

    3)	Sania Mirza/India

    This year is national tennis legend a Sania Mirza single of India’s heavy chance for a gold medal. She’s presently ranked #1 in the world in dual, and is familiar to show her country barbaric on the court in both the women’s dual and mixed duals events. She’s originally finished off a win at the 2016 Australian Open earlier this year, where she spots was in roof act beside Martina Hingis. And mated with her friend and departed duals partner, Rohan Bopanna, who is straightaway 10th in the universe, she is strong-support to turn into India’s first gold medal-winning tennis player.

  • 4) Choi Mi-sun/South Korea

    4)	Choi Mi-sun/South Korea

    No spare country controls the sport of archery silent like South Korea. They’ve made a manner over a lot of Olympic Games today of hiking away with multiple gold medals in the sport, footnote to few moderate silver and bronze numbers. Previous year the admission Olympic appearance of Choi Mi-sun, who is right now the best ranked archer in the world and along of the load in points, She’ll clash in the single and team bend events, the latter of which will match her with gold medalist Ki Bo-Bae, that other took gold in both events in London. Let the command extend.

  • 5) Om Yun-chol/North Korea

    5)	Om Yun-chol/North Korea

    North Korea had an almost successful you all most could be forgiven for not knowing that performance at the 2012 Games, with a thrilling cargo of four golds and six medals in total. Three of those golds were for Olympic lifting, forming this game to watch for the Hermit Kingdom. Om Yun-chol, who arrest first place in the 56kg event in London, will be back to battle his banner, despite openly missing is his teammate and fellow gold medallist Kim Un-gak, who was suspended from ally by the International Weightlifting tribe for short inject tests.

  • 6) Ariya Jutanugarn /Thailand

    6)	Ariya Jutanugarn /Thailand

    Fizz enclosing this Thai golfer has been hut regularly this year, and shines no clue of dull as Jutanugarn made LPGA history last May winning her first three titles serially on tour. Only 20 years old, Jutanugarn is young and an incomer on the Olympic scene, however don’t fuse her youth with ignorance she’s been clown in the big band since she was 11, when she trained for an LPGA event and became the youngest player ever to do so. She’s ranked 7th in the world right now, and is one to time-piece for those wishing to see Thailand medal in Rio.

  • 7) Saori Yoshida/Japan

    7)	Saori Yoshida/Japan

    This 3-time gold medallist in the race tangle 55kg event could accompany a very exclusive club this year should she rerun her performance. To win four consecutive gold medals in the same event she would become only the third Olympian ever and as the daughter of Eikatsu Yoshida the first woman. Yoshida has wrestling in her blood. Yoshida has made no riddle of the fact that she aim to make history on the mat in Rio, and her work should be one filled with honest anger and emotion.

  • 8) Joseph Schooling/Singapore

    8)	Joseph Schooling/Singapore

    In his further appearance at the Olympics, 21-year-old Joseph coaching will face stark race from more aware swimmers, such as the newly unretired Michael Phelps. A bullying hopes still, if he can bury the pressure of contest at this level of the sport, Schooling may be fitted yet to secure a place on the podium. He gain bronze for 100m butterfly at last year’s FINA World Championships and was the first Singaporean swimmer to medal at the Commonwealth Games in 2014.

  • 9) Lee Chong Wei/Malaysia

    9)	Lee Chong Wei/Malaysia

    Bestow a “national hero” in Malaysia, badminton player Lee Chong Wei will be the country’s max fairly gold medal contender in Rio. His total Olympic medal tall stands at two, both silver, for the 2008 and 2012 Games, and his play in the men’s singles event should be enough to conclude a spot on the platform. Even if this will be the year he takes the top spot from long-time rival Lin Dan (China), who won the gold in both Beijing and London, remains to be seen. His current first place ranking in the world than don’t work against him, as he pushes to become Malaysia’s first Olympic gold medallist

  • 10) Mirabai Chanu/India

    10)	Mirabai Chanu/India

    Despite this will be Chanu’s first ever Olympic Display, many are hopeful this dainty Indian weightlifter could be leaving Rio with a medal. At just 22, she’s at present broken records in India, and took silver in 2014 at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games. The one of the India’s most successful sportswomen, weightlifting legend Kunjarani Devi, acting as her advisor and coach, Chanu isn’t short on the Olympic experience and support she’ll need to choice the podium in Brazil. And, with a enable lift that would have bring in her a cooper medal at the London 2012 Games, it’s clear Chanu has the raw talent to face at this stage of the game.

  • 11) Triyatno/Indonesia

    11)	Triyatno/Indonesia

    This mononymous weightlifter from Indonesia has twice as many Olympic medals as he does names, having already run out a bronze and silver at the 2008 and 2012 Games therefor if he knows his Olympic climb, this could be the year he walks away with a justified gold medal, originating him the first Indonesian weightlifter in history to do so.

  • 12) Rogen Ladon/Philippines

    12)	Rogen Ladon/Philippines

    Boxer Rogen Ladon is the Philippines’ perfect shot at reaching the podium this year, exactly after boxing legend Manny Pacquaio decided across challenge at the first Olympic Games to allow professional boxers in the ring. Ladon is forthwith ranked 3rd in the light flyweight category (49kg), and has been a strong and dire boxer in ready clash. If Ladon does run to hold his endemic in his event, it will be the first Olympic medal the Philippines have won since 1996.

  • 13) Gong Jinjie/China

    13)	Gong Jinjie/China

    This path cyclist from China’s Jilin colony hidden out on a gold medal in the London Games, after a disputed elimination over a recent relay saw Gong and her teammate Guo Shuang settle for silver in the team sprint category. Gong could be in better form this year: her and her new cycling partner Zhong Tianshi run into the gold at the 2015 Track Cycling World Championships in France (losing this title to the Russian team in 2016). This will be a fast and breathtaking race for an athlete eager for her first Olympic gold.

  • 14) Feng Tianwei/Singapore

    14)	Feng Tianwei/Singapore

    It’s very marvellous news for Singapore’s Feng Tianwei, who firstly this month was sown second going into Rio’s women’s singles table tennis competition. While it’s typically China that dominates this sport, and truly the top three ranked players in the world are Chinese, Feng is still a angry contender as she holds her own at the 4th spot. This is her best grazing to date at the Olympics, and gives her an awfully unhappy area by dilatory an early match against the Chinese likely.

  • 15) Kim Kuk-hyang/North Korea

    15)	Kim Kuk-hyang/North Korea

    This pre-adult cadet from Pyongyang was a large upset ending summer when she conquer star gold at the World floating Championships for the 10m podium and became the North Korean first to hold the name of World Champion. While China may have the men’s 10m platform dive sealed down with Qiu Bo, it’s Kim who is the one to beat in the women’s event this year.

15 Athletes from Asia to Watch at the Summer Olympics

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