15 Year Old Girl Sweats Blood

5 year ago
  • 15 Year Old Girl Sweats Blood

    A young girl named Preeti Gupta of age 15 from Delhi, India got sick one day in November 2009 began to sweats Blood from eyes and skin. Her Parents thought that it may be the infection and would cure soon but later the girl was crying and that time she again bleeds from her eyes so parents took her to the hospital, since then the girl is barring the pain and the doctors are not curing her since 5 years the parents are hoping that one day they’ll get a top doctor and they’ll cure her. When asked Preeti how she feels when she sweats blood she told: when I first saw the blood she was panicked and started crying and thinking what is going wrong with me. Later when she told her parents they told to her that everything would be fine, after then it was normal for me but after 12 months the strange thing started to happen with her, She started to sweat from ears, scalp, fingernails, hands, legs, balls of her feet and eyes.

  • Catches the intolerable condition

    Catches the intolerable condition

    The girl was in terrible condition, when asked about the situation and pain Preeti told that the pain was uncontrollable when the eyes bleeds that time a very high pressure and pain would start but as soon as the blood comes out she feel relax and pain goes away, same way in hands and legs there the terrible itching starts and feels like burning sensation. And also sometime she catches the intolerable ulcers in the mouth and starts to bleeds anytime. But when the bleeding start she would know as there are lots of symptoms that let her know when it’s going to sweat blood. This condition is very rare in the world and Preeti feels very depressed as she couldn’t mix with other teenagers. His Father Manoj whose income is 36K per/month have spent 700,000 Rs seeing many ENT specialists, haematologists, medical specialists but failed to diagnose. Doctors just say, this kind of disease doesn’t exist and turn them away. The Blood is a mixture of thin liquid and the flow last for hours or sometimes days.

  • Dr Shashidhar is their Hope

    Dr Shashidhar is their Hope

    But recently this disease have occur in one more girl and her father got in touch with her mother and she gave the hope to preeti’s parents and told about Dr Shashidhar for curing their daughter. As a physician, I'm emotionally attached to every case and work much harder to help them. -See you in Next post till then keep checking me.

  • 15 Year Old Girl Sweats Blood

    The girl who cries and sweats BLOOD: Indian teenager’s family finally gets help

Cody Kelly 5 year ago

Poor Girl I am feeling so sad for the girl

Ricky Parker 5 year ago

How that could be possible?

Tyler Hatt 5 year ago

Is the girl’s haemoglobin is not becoming less? Do the test do not give any result?

Wilson George 5 year ago

Small girl suffering a lot, her future is in that new Doctor’s hand

15 Year Old Girl Sweats Blood

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