15th August Celebrations and its Significance with Live Speech by PM Modi

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  • 15th August Celebrations and its Significance with Live Speech  by PM Modi

    India is gearing up for the annual celebrations of the freedom that we have won at the stroke of the midnight on 14-15 August 1947.  But before talking about celebration people should understand how they are feel for this day and what it really mean to them. The older generation people were having a strong feeling sense that how they are connected and belong to the struggle that their parents had to go through to achieve freedom from British rule.  But the recent generation, young and the teens don’t know much about the significance of this day and what actually means to them. What they only know is they are having holiday from school, college or work? But now we are here to tell people that what the importance of the day is.

  • The Significance for the PM and his party

    The Significance for the PM and his party

    15th August would probably means a great importance for PM Modi as this day reaches out to the nation in an attempt to exhort the people to unite with the sense of purpose and nation building as it is not an easy task. In such scenario it was remarkable achievement when Narendra Modi as a Prime Minister delivered his maiden speech from Red Fort on 15th August 2016 and managed to get all sections of people from all age’s people   to listen to him on TV and Radio. Have a look to it.

  • Narendra Modi speech Independence Day 2016

    Narendra Modi speech Independence Day 2016

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s talking on India’s 70th Independence Day ensured a solid communication about how his administration was stimulating clearness in authority. The Prime Minister underlined a portion of processes the BJP government had occupied over the past join of centuries to make lifespan modest for the nations. Modi happening started with the illustration of railway tickets on IRCTC.com, which former used to be able to progression only 2,000 tickets a minute. “Nowadays we can give out 15,000 tickets a minute,” the PM said, about how processes have been shortened.Open-handed another example, PM rod about the Income Tax sector, which he said the central class be afraid of more than the police. As earlier IRS officer and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal watched on, Modi supposed repayments were now being handled within a duo of weeks and overheads actuality made online. Former these castoffs toward take months


  • Modi break about Passport applications

    Modi break about Passport applications

    Idiom since a windswept Red Fort, Modi also break about Passport applications going up to around two crore a year now as Indian had in full swing started travelling more. The PM alleged this process, which hand-me-down active to six months earlier if the candidate was lucky to get a recommendation, was now enveloped up within a week in approximately circumstances. PM Modi said over 9,000 jobs have been dishonourable and determinations on to disregard touts and distributers and make the dismissal process much modest.

15th August Celebrations and its Significance with Live Speech  by PM Modi

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