20 Genius Ideas that makes your life Easier

3 year ago
  • 20 Genius Ideas that makes your life Easier

    Here we have bought some of the genius ideas that will remind you your regular activities you are doing every day and these gadgets will make your life much easier and it’s more fun to use these incredible genius inventions.

  • Coolest Invention

    Coolest Invention

    New gadgets with innovative design makes you live easy and comfortable. If you are thinking to make your life more cool and comfortable then you should think of this kind of innovative and creative inventions, some genius only can think of this idea.

  • Carpet Alarm Clock

    Carpet Alarm Clock

    Yes, this cool invention would forces you to stand on it and show you time that it’s time for you to get up. Now no need to get out of bed on the light and check for the time instead to off the alarm you have to stand on it, by the time you stand on it, time will displayed, so get this clock at your home now.

  • Coin Purse

    Coin Purse

    Literally it’s a cool handmade purse made up of leather design beautifully, the coin purse will show value for your little things like coins, jewellery and act as a case for your coins. It’s amazing and very creative purse.

  • Creative Paper Dish

    Creative Paper Dish

    People try on thing to do in simple and easy way, they want work to be done with great accuracy and simplify the life using the creative ideas. Here we have innovative and creative dish that can adjust your food and make your dish look delicious.  

  • Aqua Notes

    Aqua Notes

    It’s cool, funny and genius idea who have thought of this idea. As we all know that genius people get good idea while bathing only so carry with you the Aqua Notes and write on the ideas there. It looks very good with keep a note of your thinking to remind you the creative ideas you had.

  • Dry your shoes in dryer

    Dry your shoes in dryer

    Inspiring life hack when you want to wash your laces put them in pillowcase and wash them, or throw in the wash bag and wash them in washer. Also now put your sneakers in dryer when your shoes are wet and there is rain outside.

  • Gift wrap Storage

    Gift wrap Storage

    You might be using different wrap for different occasion and they are spread in one or the other places, so why not make a wrap with and organize them perfectly, also they make look your house clean and tidy.

  • Cucumber spiral cutting

    Cucumber spiral cutting

    Want to cut cucumber in equal slices along with less hard work, go for this spiral cutting as everyone wants their live easier and simple. People are focusing on minute change in kitchen gadget and making cool stuff.

  • Octopus rack in bathroom

    Octopus rack in bathroom

    Now you can use this funny DIY bathroom storage cabinet and make your bathroom looks cool. It is really very cool, creative and inspiring idea. You can also use the similar one at your home by placing different objects with keeping different things.

  • Clever Idea

    Clever Idea

    Take any kind of wire, pointed things like earing or any sharp object to make a space to store as a gift wrap and you can gift them to any of your special friend. Just pull them with a straw and have it. It looks creative and delicious. 

  • Stop browning apples

    Stop browning apples

    Your child now doesn’t have to eat browning apples when you have packed those in their lunch box. Just try on tying it with rubber band and tied all the cutted parts all in one and tie a band. Isn’t it very useful for your child’s tiffin?

  • iPhone with Mini speakers

    iPhone with Mini speakers

    Now you can think of creative idea with adds a mini sound system at your home. Just you need to place your phone in a bowl which can reflect the sound and works as speakers. Try it now and have fun.  

  • Baby Powder hack

    Baby Powder hack

    Now add this item in your beach bag whenever you go out at beach. Baby powder will remove all sand off your skin very easily. Do you know this before?

  • Earring hack

    Earring hack

    Find you tiny little things like earrings which are lost in your room and you are unable to find those, and then simply put a stocking over the vacuum hose. 

  • Bake your ice-cream cones

    Bake your ice-cream cones

    Bake cupcakes directly in ice cream cones so much fun to eat and looks amazing. In fact children would love eating this way. Look delicious and taste yummy, try out now.

  • GiFTY small camera

    GiFTY small camera

    Gifty is the small camera that will capture and print animated GIF as Tiny Flip books, so what are you waiting buy now and gift your friend or make your own flip flop book, isn’t it an amazing invention.

  • Portable Iron

    Portable Iron

    The name will only let you say that this ingenious design that will maintain your desk and can keep your place very neat and tidy. Also you can carry it anywhere while travelling and press your clothes anytime.

  • Hair brush flask

    Hair brush flask

    The Bev Brush is a paddle brush flask which makes you feel exactly like a real paddle hairbrush. Not only has this but also worked as a secret flask. This flask can hold around 6 oz od your drink.

Ricky Parker 3 year ago

Oh I liked the idea of Icr cream cone, it's amazing

Wilson George 3 year ago

we can use that paper dish in parties, gud idea

Tyler Hatt 3 year ago

do dryer will dry shoes really, it can be possibel

Martin Wood 3 year ago

I am gonna try out Apple band trick

Daxon Lane 3 year ago

Mini speaker is working, well done

Darcy Bell 3 year ago

Can we buy this GIFTY Gif camera online?? I want to gift my cousin

20 Genius Ideas that makes your life Easier

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