3D Art in Bangkok Looks like Paradise

5 year ago
  • 3D Art in Bangkok Looks like Paradise
    It’s really very true that the Paradise Art in Bangkok, It’s a three dimensional art museum which was open in Bangkok in February 2014. The Gallery is in 4th Floor of the Esplanade Shopping Mall and is created by 13 Korean Artists. The museum is a kind of 3D format it gives and shows the visitors the dramatic scene and they poses differently for their photo. There are more than 150 images by which you can play and enjoy with. There are also computer games that respond to your moments, it is open every day from 10am- 10pm. It is one of the favourite attractions which show the 3D painting and also tricky photographs and the photos are as neatly painted as they suggest they are interacting with you. There is difference between the rates as 300 Baht for Foreign tourists and 180 Baht for Thais.

Rudy James 5 year ago

Wonderful place, the name denotes the exact meaning

Austin Jones 5 year ago

Real Artist Work, Good Job

Herman Kaur 5 year ago

I am surely going there

Wilson George 5 year ago

Oh!! That’s just beautiful

3D Art in Bangkok Looks like Paradise

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