5 Cutest Baby Animals Facts

5 year ago
  • 5 Cutest Baby Animals Facts
    Friends we have the cutest collection of the animals which you will love to see and get the information that is very helpful and also you would enjoy knowing how they react and what they do and how they are. Check out the series and have fun.
  • Baby Hippo

    Baby Hippo

    When after birth baby hippo is 23-50 kg in weight, up till 5-7 years the hippo calf become fully mature their life is near about 36 years. Average hippo can eats 35 kg of grass each night and can travel 10 km in night to get their fill. They can also eat fruits. The baby hippo is so very cute and very adorable. Normally hippo can spend 16 hours in water per day. Hippo is third largest animals in the world. Hippo gives birth in water, Hippo is called River horse, Hippo has short legs and huge mouth and body is shaped like barrel.
  • Baby Fox

    Baby Fox

    Babies of the fox are called as pups. At a time pregnant female fox give 2-7 pups for the gestation period of 53 days. When fox pups are born, they are unable to see, hear or walk, and their mother must take good care of them. They eat small animals like lizards, rats, mice, rabbits and hare. They can also eats birds, fruits, bugs and much more. They can live for 10-12 years. Foxes can identify each other by their voice as human have. A Red fox has 28 different sounds use for communication. They have the excellent hearing they can also hear the low frequency sounds and go underground. A small fox can run up to 30 miles per hour.
  • Baby Hamster

    Baby Hamster

    Baby Hamster is called as pups and they grow very rapidly, they are born build. After 14 days their eyes are opened and their ears gets erect, after 3 weeks they become mature. And in the 4th week they separate from their mother. . At 12 weeks of age, Syrian hamsters can be 6 to 8 inches long. Hamsters like to eat seeds, grains, nuts, cracked corn, fruits and vegetables while Wild hamsters also eat insects, frogs, lizards and other small animals.
  • Baby Crocodile

    Baby Crocodile

    Crocodiles are 13-18 feet in length and weight 2200 pounds, whereas small crocodile are 5 feet and 40-70 pounds in weight. They have 24 sharp teeth and meat eaters, crocodile don’t chew their food, and they tear flesh and swallow large chunks of meat. When they swallow food air goes into their lachrymal glands and these glands forces tears to flow from their eyes.
  • Baby Giraffe

    Baby Giraffe

    A baby giraffe is called as a calf, only one calf can be born at a time, the average height of the calf is 2 meters, A new born calf weight 100Kg, they grow very quickly, they takes their mother’s milk up to 9-12 months and after 4 months they can eats leaves for few months their life is very valuable as they can be killed by Lions, hyenas, hunting dogs and also leopards. A male giraffe will leave his mother after 15 months and female would leave after 18 months.
5 Cutest Baby Animals Facts

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