5 Most amazing things that you should know

5 year ago
  • 5 Most amazing things that you should know
    There are things in your outer world that should be known to you think as it could be far or in nearby but that can inspire you to make your mind set in right direction and can be very helpful in your near future so don’t miss this series and have fun with us.
  • Super Drone Flying Machine

    Super Drone Flying Machine

    A mad genius build the Super Drone Flying machine using 54 propellers, it’s a British inventor. It has an ability to carry load of 148 kg. It has a flight time of 10 minutes on one single battery that is charged. The inventor name this super drone as Swarm because when it is flying the machine makes the sound like bees. The use of 54 propellers is that if one or two propellers failed then they can be keeping in working condition. And the pilot can stay in air for longer duration.
  • Streetlights that kills mosquitoes

    Streetlights that kills mosquitoes

    Its first time that a street lamp uses the renewable energy sources to ensure comforts and protection of residents. The streetlights are in the shape of flower and uniquely designed. The streetlights runs on the solar energy and protect against the mosquitoes by trapping them inside the small box or by combining UV Light and titanium dioxide, the box produces co2 in small amount and mosquitos would love that smell so they can be trapped easily. They can also measure water floods and send reports and alert them through their antenna. In case of power failure they can also charge their phone for free, 8 models are already installed in Malaysia as a part of the project.
  • Skywalk in the mountain

    Skywalk in the mountain

    Dolni Morava Sky walk is located above the 1100 meters above the sea level, in Morava River in Czech Republic. Seeing from far it looks like roller coaster but actually it’s a kind of a slider that when slides you would feel like coming down and falling from 18th floor by seating in the wheel chair or strollers can be used. The structure is so made that tourist gets inspired and feels like touching the clouds while walking through it and admiring the panoramic view from the top.
  • Nature’s Marble cathedral

    Nature’s Marble cathedral

    Nature is just beautiful people gets admire by looking at this rocks build with amazing designer marbles that man can never have imagine, the marble cathedral forms when there were erosion of lake Carrera between Chile and Argentina was done. Area is about 850kms and height of 202 meters. Multiples caves are roam side by side that would give real touch to the view. When the light flows the reflection we get is just wow we can’t even imagine that view.
  • Troels the Troll by Thomas Dambo

    Troels the Troll by Thomas Dambo

    A big giant troll is made up of recycled wood pallets and scrap in the Danish city of Horsens. An artist named as Thomas Dambo created this wood Art, he use to go out to recover the used pieces of wood in the hometown of Copenhagen. And he creates amazing sculptures that gives a new meaning to the world. And he presents his original work.

Ricky Parker 5 year ago

genius can try out any kind of stuff

kresha shah 5 year ago

OMG skywalk looks dangerous how one can go around and comes down from so height.

Daxon Lane 5 year ago

Good Work Thomas

5 Most amazing things that you should know

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