5 Years Old

7 year ago
  • 5 Years Old 7 year ago

  • 5 Years Old

    What would you do
    in 5 short years?
    Would you make them the most
    or hide from your fears?
    Our little Cory
    chose to live
    Every day with a smile
    and love to give
    Though stricken with cancer
    before he was one
    his journey through life
    had only begun
    No matter how bad
    he might have felt
    He always knew how
    to make your heart melt
    Living life to its fullest
    Each day he Awoke
    He could make you smile
    Every time he spoke
    He filled the room
    with laughter and tears
    And touched many lives
    in his 5 short years

    He had a surprise
    if you took his hand
    then walk you outside
    to his baseball land
    It was the game he loved
    more than anyone you know
    Once his bat in hand
    He'd put on a show
    He would talk of his pets
    if you'd lend him an ear
    or anything else
    you'd take time to hear
    There were no strangers
    to Cory Duane
    He cared for everyone
    no matter their name
    The most amazing child
    for such a young man
    He looked up to his father
    ---- His biggest fan
    When he was picked up at school
    he beat all the kids out
    with his arms opened wide
    "That's my Dad" he would shout

    They would wait on his brother
    before going home with Dad
    And spend the whole weekend playing
    with every toy he had
    He would tease his brothers
    in his superman Jammies
    and rock his guitar
    like those at the Grammy's
    Course Nana and Papa
    would often stop by
    to see that their "Precious"
    was doing alright
    At the close of day
    He'd ask "Pat my Butt"
    Knowing you'd take time
    no matter what
    He fought hard to beat
    the disease he had
    And would never complain
    of feeling bad
    It's certainly not fair
    the battle he fought
    All those who knew him
    took in what he taught
    For those who missed out
    on life's smallest lesson
    We're sorry you missed out
    on our biggest blessing
    For someone so young
    his heart was of Gold
    You would never have known
    he was just 5 years old

5 Years Old

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