7 Healthy Tips- Find a Fitness Friend

5 year ago
  • 7 Healthy Tips- Find a Fitness Friend
    A workout buddy is required so that they can motivate you at every stage where you are facing difficulties or else who will inspire you to do regular exercise, treat his friend at every stage with firmly working out together and give you push whenever you need to, make a fitness friend who can be your best workout buddy and support you very well then don’t let him go, just call them and start your workout from tomorrow.
  • Achy Muscles relieve

    Achy Muscles relieve

    While workout or after workout if your muscles feel achy then don’t worry just keep calm go and have bath with cold water or add some ice cubes to make water cold somewhat up to 50-55 degree Fahrenheit and take a long bath for 10-15 minutes. Many top famous athletes are using this trick to get rid of these achy muscles. And also many racers are following the same.
  • Wear comfortable shoes

    Wear comfortable shoes

    Don’t buy the shoes in the morning or noon time as your feet swell during the day and stop in the late afternoon so when you are shopping buy your pair at evening time so that it won’t sneaks and feel comfortable just check out that it won’t wiggle your toes enough so that you can easily walk up to 20-40 miles.
  • Don’t know when to weight

    Don’t know when to weight

    If you are following the diet for a whole week than this is the time to weight and you may start tracking how much progress you have done until now, and also it’s best to keep a scale while eating breakfast or drinking and check out the daily activities and keep a record.so it’s almost good enough to track and weight every week.
  • Drink water

    Drink water

    Whenever you are having an ache or your head is bursting, do some exercise and drink lots of water this is done because you are lacking in water as hydration is very important for our body and we get Electrolyte loaded in the drinks of athletic and very unnecessary calories so drinking water is very best and fine method until you need to do workout for at least an hour daily.
  • Don’t miss Ice-cream party

    Don’t miss Ice-cream party

    Yes it’s true ice-cream is actually bad for your daily diet but ice-cream with fruity flavoured on it can be good for your health, so now no more telling No to the Ice-cream treat say yes and have your ice-cream with the fruity topping like pineapple, strawberries, diced Kiwi with Fruity Ice-cream Sundae. Now serve yourself with this delicious Fruit ice-cream.
  • Run chafe free

    Run chafe free

    While working out regularly you may get rashes in your arms, thighs and few other spots then don’t worry it may occur due to the moisture and constant friction so to prevent this you can try out rubbing on anti-chafe stick like body glide as they have the potential to chafe. Keep some quick dry shirts like Nike, Asics that could be also useful and save you from tough workouts and long runs.

Rudy James 5 year ago

I need these tips, thanks for this article

Cody Kelly 5 year ago

I really got lot of pain in my legs and was the problem with the shoes

7 Healthy Tips- Find a Fitness Friend

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