7 Most Stylish Bicycles

5 year ago
  • 7 Most Stylish Bicycles
    Who don’t like to be stylish and riding a cool bike is like Whoa!! That feels too Good, we don’t like to stand in the queue for parking our vehicle as we are having work of 20-30 minutes but parking takes more than half an hour so we have an amazing cool collection of the bicycles that look fabulous while riding and can be easily carried to one place to other at very short distance. Check out the series.
  • Engeenius Cykno

    Engeenius Cykno

    The Engeenius Cykno is manufactured in Italy. It’s a handsome Electric Bike rank in the Top 5 of the country. The bike has 26 inch radial spoke and carbon fibre composition. The leather is wrapped in the centre; contain 250-500 watt electric motor. The motor can work for long day round about 37 miles in pedal assist mode. The Electric bike maintains low environmental impact. The Cost is $22,000.
  • Faraday Porteur

    Faraday Porteur

    Faraday Porteur bicycle production was done on 1950 - 2007. The bicycle is packed with frame tubes so that it won’t get dirt to it, bicycle contain the lithium ion batteries inside it. The battery works on 24 km long with the touch of button and light sensing LED to blink at sunset. When you have a ride on this bicycle you’ll definitely feel proud and a lucky rider. Cost is near about $3,500.
  • BSG Wood.b Duomatic

    BSG Wood.b Duomatic

    BSG wood is a French bike, it’s made out of metal pieces and plywood. BSG wood has an amazing durability. It can carry weight of 35lbs and the painted aluminium is used, the beauty is amazing and riding this cool bicycle will give you an amazing Feeling. Cost is about $4,230.
  • Pashley Parabike is a classic styled designed model of the bicycle made in UK, We can add a big wicker basket, ding-dong bells, brooks sprung saddles, this bicycle was made during the world war II and is so called as an Airborne bicycle. Classic bike can look very cool and riding this in an open air feels on the top of the world. Cost is round about $900.
  • Donky Bike

    Donky Bike

    This Donky Bike is very stylish and short distance cool bike, as the use of the short distance bike is increasing nowadays and bikes are growing and manufacturing fast in UK. It makes the look very simple and luxurious and was nominated for the Design of the year award by London’s Design Meseum. The bicycle is mounted by racks in the front and back side. The cost is about $830.
  • Viks Steel Urban Cycle

    Viks Steel Urban Cycle

    Viks Steel Urban Cycle is a limited edition stainless steel very compact commuter bike. The style is very unique and unusual which is manufactured in Estonia. Bike consists of the 1500 horse power. The bicycle frames is made up of high end carbon bikes. The bar is very unusual to about 30mm in diameter, handle bar is a bit tricky one but you’ll definitely going to enjoy while riding this Viks Bike. Cost is around built specification approx. ($900).
  • Green Champ Original Bikes

    Green Champ Original Bikes

    The Green Champ bike is made for the kids to balance and build confidence in child. Bike is made up of double walled bamboo. The bike is set pedal-less to teach the children the riding skills. Kids can ride in Grass, in the open garden or at home lobby. The bamboo fibres include honey in them, yes honey due to this the bamboo can prevent cracking. By looking at the design and the modes you are sure gonna miss your childhood days isn’t it. The cost of the bike is $165.

Cody Kelly 5 year ago

Engeenius Cykno is more cool rather than all other bicycle

Ricky Parker 5 year ago

I think the LED containing bicycle is superb Faraday

Tyler Hatt 5 year ago

I am so gonna to bring Green Camp for my kid

7 Most Stylish Bicycles

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