8 Health Tips- Do you really need to lose weight?

3 year ago
  • 8 Health Tips- Do you really need to lose weight?

    Dropping a few pounds would really make you feel better, healthier, and also happier. Whereas carrying the extra pounds would risk your life and health. You may lose more than 20 years from your life span. So we take care of you and your health as life matters for all equally. Check this out the quick reasons that you should be aware of.


    1. Fever Allergy and Asthma Symptoms

    You might be thinking how this both are related with each other Allergy and the weight loss, but our researchers have proved that they are facing the burden with the allergies and are affect the adrenal glands and being overweight also strain the respiratory system and this can affect your asthma problem.


  • 2. Less Foot Pain

    If your foot can be able to bare your body weight and handle the pressure that means you can have control over your weight loss, A person with the heavy body examines the pressure of the body on the foot and the foot pain starts, so to remain fit and get relief from foot pain get motivated for losing weight or encourage others who are suffering for the same.

  • 3.  Arthritis Relief/ Shaking Relief

    Weight loss and the Arthritis plays have a very close connection with each other as number of research have told that weight loss would give relief to Arthritis, it’s a kind of inflammation in one or more joints, causing pain, shaking hands and legs and much more. This generally happens with the old age person, a recent study prove that a women of 87 was suffering from pain a lot but when she lose weight there was extreme difference in pain.


  • 4. Better Mood

    The study have proven that when you are overweight then the whole body is out of weight, and the whole system doesn’t work well, and this spoil your entire mood, and get you back to the depression. Some overweight people suffer a lot from the depression and the situation become worst. But when you lose your fat tissue you just feel amazing and get your hormones in balance.

  • 5. Improve Memory

    Yes, shocked mental weight loss can also boost your memory and the brain, this has been proved by the study that out of 104 patients 41 had been done the weight loss surgery and after few weeks they examine that the patients were having improvement in Memory 

  • 6. Good Night Sleep 

    It has been proved that the people who are having a strong and sweet sleep at night are having far better weight loss and also are the motivator. There are patients of Sleep apnea and diabetes those are lost most of their weight and sleep well their symptoms were decreased and sleep also considered the weight loss Benefits.

  • 7. Drop Your Cancer Risk

    Overweighed person have more than 4 times the risk of endometrial cancer risk, it generally affect to the overweighed women, their body fats would produces lots of hormones and estrogen linked with both diabetes and breast cancer. But women with the normal weight tend to be having a vast difference in cancer risk.

  • 8. Suffer Less from Heart diseases

    It is scientifically prove that your heart remain very safe and you suffer very less from heart attacks, just eat the dark leafy vegetables and unsalted nuts, to avoid the disease like diabetes and high Cholesterol.  

Austin Jones 3 year ago

Very Inspiring and motivating

Daxon Lane 3 year ago

Good One, well tried

Rudy James 3 year ago

Really they are very surprising reasons that I was unaware of

8 Health Tips- Do you really need to lose weight?

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