A Cancer Cure is out now with revolutionary new treatments

3 year ago
  • A Cancer Cure is out now with revolutionary new treatments
    British scientist have found out the cure for Cancer‘s Achilles’s heel. A treatment is done for the future cancer patients that this therapy might help the patients and destroy all cancer cells one by one. This treatment would be done firstly on the lower stage cancer patients like two years old, so that they can verify if there could be possibility to cure it or not.
  • Let me explain how it actually works: Firstly the sample of patient’s tumour is been taken from their DNA, Later scientist find out the mutations which are common to all cancer cells, they then search for the disease fighting white blood cells in the tumour that are perfect match for the mutations. These cells are removed from them and are allowed to grow more in numbers in the lab until they are millions copy of them, after that the cells which are frown are injected back again to the place where the tumour are spread more. The study is done by the London college university, where the treatment are done with the great efforts , as we all know that tumour are the identical cells of groups that grows and mutates in more numbers every time. And the scientist have found out that in every tumour cells there are mutated cells in them so researchers very well know how to find out these cells and they identification is done by them. Now we can hope that this vaccine would prove beneficial to us and we would get successful soon by using this cure, once we know that if this is working then we can treat any cancer patients of any stage and advanced techniques can be further be added to it to improve more and have a fast growth of white blood cells, Let’s see how this new technique is going to work or not hope for the good to come up.

Cody Kelly 3 year ago

Wow that amazing that Cancer can be cured

Austin Jones 3 year ago

Researchers are doing good work

Herman Kaur 3 year ago

Well- Explained

A Cancer Cure is out now with revolutionary new treatments

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