Amazing Dreamy Discoveries made in dream

5 year ago
  • Amazing Dreamy Discoveries made in dream
    A problem can be solved if you sleep and had a dreamy sleep the scientist and the researchers have proved that this could be an amazing real fact that the dream allows your brain to relax and make a new connection to the nerve and bring a great thought to your mind. So friends why not you also try out this dreamy stuff sleep and make a new discovery this time.


    In year 1869, Dmitry Mendeleev comes up with an idea of arranging both atomic weight and their properties of the element. He collected all cards of each element with its weight, and started looking for pattern but he didn’t find it and was not slept since three days but later than in he decided to sleep and in dream him, dreamed of the pattern design and the amazing idea of arranging this element.


    In 1845, Elias Howe wanted to build sewing machine but the invention was not working at all, he worked 24 hours to make it work but was not getting solution to it, he was working in the textile mill and seeing the better way how the woman can process the sewing better. After than he decided to take a rest and sleep for the while but there was a fear in his mind about the execution of the machine and he slept. But when he woke up he ran to the workshop and started to build the first working sewing machine that he had a dream of last night he slept.
  • “YESTERDAY” Tune

    “YESTERDAY” Tune

    According to the Guinness Book the song “Yesterday” has the most cover versions, in year 1965 Paul McCartney had a dream of the melody when he was sleeping in London in a small attic room. Later Paul immediately get off the bed and sat on the piano found G, found F sharp minor 7th and then B to E minor, and then again E. its gives the logical Idea to him and he was just thinking that might be he have repeated someone else song she he sang in front of many other people and later he come to know that it’s not identified to any other, this how the famous tune was discovered.
  • DNA


    The shape of the DNA was not known till 1953, it was a mystery but when the Dr James Watson had a dream that draws an image of a spiral thing in his dream and started drawing the structure of double helix of DNA molecule. His dream of the 2 inters- twins with the opposite heads and of the double sided, than he represented in front of Indiana University. For his achievement the two people James Watson and Francis crick experimented the DNA and that shows the genetic material of T2 phage and produces the structure and won the Nobel Prize in physiology in 1962.
  • World Class Golf Swing

    World Class Golf Swing

    In 1964, Golfer Jack Nicklaus had a dream of the golf he was playing in his dream as that was so perfectly done that he couldn’t even play that way in real. But in dream he was holding the club that use to hold while in dream somewhat facing a problem in holding with right arm in dream so as it was done so rightly and he was hitting pretty well, so next day on the ground he tried to play the way he was playing in his dream and he shot 68 and next 65 on the other day, this how he discovered the Golf Swing.

Ricky Parker 5 year ago

I too had a dream of many things but it later never have become any of my invention till now

Herman Kaur 5 year ago

Oh that’s interesting topic and inventions are really the good one I haven’t know about it before

Neha Patel 5 year ago

So Dream, Dream, Dream and sleep, sleep, sleep

Darcy Bell 5 year ago

Sewing Needle concept is the cool one

Amazing Dreamy Discoveries made in dream

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