Amazing Unique US Homes- The Walt Disney Concert Hall

5 year ago
  • Amazing Unique US Homes- The Walt Disney Concert Hall
    The Walt Disney Concert Hall at 111 South Grand Avenue in Downtown of Los Angeles, California, is the fourth hall of the Los Angeles Music Center and was designed by Frank Gehry. It was opened on October 24; 2003.Walt Disney is the one of the best designs that has never losses the attraction of the visitors. The unique features that make up the world’s most iconic concert hall.
  • The Longaberger Company building

    The Longaberger Company building

    The Longaberger Company is a distributor of handcrafted maple wood baskets, to build this building we have currently 340 fulltime and part time employees to work over here. It’s one of the world’s largest basket buildings that were built in Newark, Ohio. It is 192 ft. long by 126ft wide at bottom, and on the top 208 ft. long by 142ft wide.
  • The Mushroom House

    The Mushroom House

    The Mushroom House is a contemporary residence in the town of Perinton, New York which has been featured in television programs and books due to its whimsical appearance. It has the spanning 387 square meters as the home is composed of four interconnecting pods lifted off the ground by reinforced concrete stems. In February 2012, the home sold for $799,900, after the original asking price of $1.1 million failed to attract a buyer
  • Hole ‘n The Rock

    Hole ‘n The Rock

    Hole in the Rock is a building in New Zealand; it’s the most unique home carved by huge rock his historic 5,000 square foot home and unusual gift shop and trading post are open all year. Take a guided tour of the home, and appreciate the rich history within its walls. It consists of 14 rooms with the cavernous bathroom which is referred as toilet in a tomb.
  • Dick Clark’s Flintstones Home

    Dick Clark’s Flintstones Home

    The House Dick Clark’s Flintstones looks very weird as it sits nearly on 23 blufftop acres, it was sold at $1.778 million half of its original price. The interior is made up of one bedroom, 2 bathroom, free form house and steel covered in concrete and lots of other rocks mix with it. The home's listing states that it features "unparalleled 360 degree views of the Pacific Ocean, Channel Island, Boney Mountains, Serrano Valley, Sunsets and City Lights."

Wilson George 5 year ago

Oh It’s really innovative plus Unique of all time

Daxon Lane 5 year ago

I should try to go on Hole in the rock

urvashi prajapati 5 year ago

Walt Disney Hall is just WOW

Amazing Unique US Homes- The Walt Disney Concert Hall

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