An Unbelievable Story of a Pregnant Man

5 year ago
  • An Unbelievable Story of a Pregnant Man
    There was a Farmer in India named as Sanju Bhagat, He was very polite and king person. He had suffered a lot in his life with whole life he had lived with a bulging stomach. When he used to go out on the way many people teases him by saying “hey look at the nine month old pregnant guy is coming” Actually what the people were telling was true but up to some point. In June 1999, Sanju bhagat was almost 36 years old and stomach was in a growing stage, and he was unable to breathe so he immediately rushed to the nearest hospital Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai in India for emergency surgery. Doctors told that it’s a tumour which is growing inside of your stomach but they also told that it would be fine after operation.
  • But while operating what the doctors saw was unbelievable, when the surgeon put his hand inside he found out lots of pieces of bones inside, when he started removing first he remove limb bone, then another limb bones also some part of genitalia, some part of hair and again some part of limbs, jaws, hair. They actually felt that sanju bhagat was going to give birth to a baby, It was a very rare and bizarre medical condition uptill now doctors have seen in fetus in fetu. Yes its true sanju bhagat was carrying his twin brother’s mutated body part since 36 years and they were growing inside his body.
  • When the doctors remove the body parts, they saw the fully grown limbs, hairs and long fingernails. Sanju bhagat was facing this abnormality since many years and he was unaware of it, this happens when fetus gets trapped inside its twin.A trapped fetus can survive like a parasite even past birth by forming an umbilical cord-like structure that leaches its twin’s blood supply until it grows so large that it starts to harm the host, at which point doctors usually intervene. In most of the cases both twin would die because they couldn’t be share their blood line or because of the strain but in bhagat’s case he survived the birth and amazingly supported the life of the leached fetus for 36 years and none knew about his condition. Everyone thought he just had a big stomach. Right after the surgery, Sanju Bhagat’s pain and inability to breathe disappeared and he recovered immediately. His weight reduced from 200 lbs to 88 lbs. The case may have been a medical miracle to doctors, but to Sanju Bhagat his condition had been a source of shame and misery.

Austin Jones 5 year ago

Oh!! The man looks really pregnant.

Cody Kelly 5 year ago

The whole life of the man was spent carrying that body parts of his twin brother from his birth

Martin Wood 5 year ago

The man have suffered a lot and carried that big tummy since years

Tyler Hatt 5 year ago

But guys just check out the weight how much it was reduced after removing that unwanted parts from his stomach.

Wilson George 5 year ago

Yeah!! That’s true case was a mystery one for doctors and for we people too.

An Unbelievable Story of a Pregnant Man

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