Anger Controlling Strategies

5 year ago
  • Anger Controlling Strategies
    Anger controlling is needed in our lives as Anger can spoil our real healthy life to the frustrating life, every problem has a solution to it keep this in mind. It’s very true that Anger is healthy for our body and also it has a reverse effect on our body. But some people take the above sentence in the wrong way that “Every Problem comes with a solution” but why not my problem has a single solution to it and this ends with lots of frustration so we bring some common solution to remove the stress and control the Anger.
  • Better Communication

    Better Communication

    Slow Down slowly if you’re very angry as Angry people are directly jumping to the conclusion very fast, Listen carefully to the other person and calm down and stop thinking for a while or pause your negative thoughts. Don’t fight back and relate your partner as a jailer, slow down and think what the real reason behind your angriness is.
  • Environmental Change

    Environmental Change

    Sometimes Environmental change is also responsible for your angriness because when problems and responsibilities can weigh on you feel like burdensome and make you angry, so we have solution to it. 1) Give some time to yourself as you can have some personal time during the day and feel relax for 15 minutes and can work out the rest and feel better. 2) Consider the timing by keeping in mind and try changing a time of talking about important topics when you’re tired as due to the tiredness you become angrier and get distracted and end up fighting with your partner all night, later fight turns into arguments.
  • Change thinking Level

    Change thinking Level

    Just reconstruct your level of thinking as when you’re angry you’re thinking become more dramatic and everything goes wrong, talk to yourself in mind that “this is really very frustrating” and it’s not the end of the world. Avoid using the words like Never and always as this won’t end well. We will use words like this will never works or you’re always forgetting things. Focus on the goals say as your co-worker always comes late and rather complaining you should concentrate on your work. Use your Logic as your anger can be converted into irrational at that time think the world is not over and this is only one rough spot in life.
  • Get creative

    Get creative

    You can try on the stuff you most like and feel happy with doing it, you can hear magical sound music, Painting, and dancing can release tension and reduce the feeling of anger. Try to discuss the feeling and the problem with your friend and try to sort out the things with an effective solution.

Martin Wood 5 year ago

Yes I do need to use these Strategies

Ricky Parker 5 year ago

Thanks for the tips, very useful stuff

Anger Controlling Strategies

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