Animals that love Watermelon and enjoy it wisely

5 year ago
  • Animals that love Watermelon and enjoy it wisely
    If you really Love Watermelon then you’re not alone there are several other animals with whom you need to share your watermelon and not only that these wild animals do enjoy it so peacefully and eat in the funny way that you just keep watching them. So here we have a cute, funny and full on summer time gallery with these animals, view all and have fun full watermelon day.
  • Capybara and Monkey

    Capybara and Monkey

    Here we have capybara and Monkey that too love to eat Watermelon in summer time and do enjoy all day, if we talk about capybara they are the large rodent of the genus hydrochoerus of only member and is the largest member of Rodent and is also so adorable. They are so cute and just check out the funny look of Monkey we can’t just over them and grab a piece from Monkey’s plate that is so just made for them.
  • Otter and Dog

    Otter and Dog

    Otter is the common name for the carnivorous mammals; they can be aquatic or marine. Their diet is based on generally fish, as we know otter just dislike watermelon but they can stop eating them and they think they need more. And when we talk about Dog they just love watermelon and its taste good for them they continues eats and lick them, they really enjoy very well.
  • Guinea Pigs and Elephant

    Guinea Pigs and Elephant

    Guinea Pigs are called cavy or domestic g Guinea Pig they are the species of Guinea Cavia. Despite of their name as Pig they do not belong to Pig Family. But when watermelon is kept in front of them they really don’t have time to watch out other thing rather keep on eating watermelons, whereas the Elephant who are just crazy behind the watermelon can eat 300 pounds a day, isn’t it is amazing and crazy too.
  • A mouse and Tortoise

    A mouse and Tortoise

    A mouse are so cute and adorable they too can fell hot in summer and if the watermelon gives then some coldness in their body then who would not eat it, similar way Mouse are the funny eaters of watermelon and they do enjoy it, whereas Tortoise enjoy watermelon and eats till the last bite, they don’t have time to watch here and there but are busy eating and enjoying.
  • A horse and Meerkats

    A horse and Meerkats

    A horse is the lovely animals which are very useful to us and we also treat them with good summer food yes we are talking about watermelon they are the one who too enjoy watermelon and Finish till it’s over. Wheras Meerkats are primarily insectivores, but also eat other animals but when we give watermelon to them they don’t wait at all and grab the whole melon and eats with fun.
  • A bat and a Wolf

    A bat and a Wolf

    A bat is the mammal whose forelimbs form the webbed wings they don’t weight more and are also seen hanging in opposite direction. They too love eating watermelon and enjoy with by grabbing both of their hands. A wolf may eats other small animals but when starving they can eats watermelon and work with it.
  • A Bear and A Cat

    A Bear and A Cat

    A Bear Loves eating watermelon they don’t like sharing their food and go somewhere very far from other members and eats up, they can also eat in water and sleep in there. A cat is always seen hungry they can grab your food from anywhere and eats whatever you feed them, but they go crazy behind watermelon and eats up the whole big watermelon piece within a sec.
  • Monkey and Lemur

    Monkey and Lemur

    We have talked previously that Monkey acts funny and can’t control while eating watermelon, whereas Lemurs are a clade of Strepsirrhini primates endemic to the island of Madagascar. They just can’t deny eating melon and putting their sharp teeth on it and they are just unstoppable.
  • A Goat and A Hippo

    A Goat and A Hippo

    A Goat feels thirsty with in a very short time but when they see the melon they can’t control themselves and grab and finish up with all its fun, whereas hippo just can’t full it’s tummy by eating very few of melon they need more than 300 pounds of melon to fill up their stomach.

Martin Wood 5 year ago

Yes Summer time is the melon time

Herman Kaur 5 year ago

Aww so cute and adorable animals

Wilson George 5 year ago

Love watching them eat

Animals that love Watermelon and enjoy it wisely

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