Annoying Habits people do in Public

5 year ago
  • Annoying Habits people do in Public
    Why every time we have to think about only the good habits and the positive talks we should also know the annoying and the bad habits that shouldn’t be done in public, it’s for the people who actually don’t know where and what not to do in public, so check out the series and avoid doing the stuff in public.
  • 1. Annoying Habits people do in Public

    1. Annoying Habits people do in Public

    There are so many injuries are going on in the world because of texting on the way, while talking, and also while driving. Accident can take place, bumping into walls, falling down from stairs. While walking also once you lose control then there can be no chance you can skip accidents. There are so many injuries reported worldwide in a year. The study proves that many injury are faced by the adults 16-25 years kids under 30 years, they are very attached with their cell phones. So the risk is more in these aged adults. Teach your children and also spread awareness to stop this act.
  • 2. Talking loudly in public transportation

    2. Talking loudly in public transportation

    This thing irritate us very soon, if you’re on a journey of only 30 minutes and one person talk so loudly in bus and this extremely irritate you when someone arguing on the phone nonstop, why should we want to interest in their personal life and the problem they are facing who likes to hear that. Actually these are the people who want us to hear them forcedly and make us listens their problems.
  • 3. Taking more space in public transportation

    3. Taking more space in public transportation

    Another bad habit is knowing or unknowing who are taking more space than required in public transportation, well that’s the fact those who try this from now onwards be careful we have break your bubble. Why to take more space then require in public it’s not your private seat that you can sit so comfortably anywhere and can take unnecessary more space than required.
  • 4. Making noise while eating

    4. Making noise while eating

    It’s really very annoying that you make noise while chewing; it’s ok for small kids when they make noise while chewing as it looks cute but for adults it’s quite annoying and also disgusting, why to open mouth while chewing and make noise some people do this purposing to harass their friends and siblings but if you are doing these then it’s very bad habit stop this as soon as possible. Sometimes this thing can spoil your dream date too.
  • 5. Cracking Knuckles

    5. Cracking Knuckles

    Actually this is one of my habit too I too used to Knuckles my fingers in public, I know you to love to do this in public as it relax you or help you in thinking but in reality it’s bad to do this in public. Many people feels this as Nasty as in real it sounds nasty so not all people like to hear this sounds and might irritate them. So better try not to cracks in public.
  • 6. Blowing Gums

    6. Blowing Gums

    I know people like to blow gums now and then especially kids of small age who love to blow gums in public or at home. Just avoid blowing gums or chewing gums in public areas like school, theatre, restaurant, bus and the fact if you can’t complete your day without eating gums then kindly do at your home.
  • 7. Biting Nails

    7. Biting Nails

    Biting nails is just intolerable the saliva direct stick to the nails then you don’t remember when you have bitten your nails then can eat with that hand when someone offers you anything or you may eat any food, the bacteria and the dirt which is very harmful sticks to the stomach is stuck under your nails and this thing can also make you sick up to great extent.

Wilson George 5 year ago

Thank you for awareness

Cody Kelly 5 year ago

Hope these tips might help other people to improve themselves

urvashi prajapati 5 year ago

One of my friend do have talking loudly problem

Ricky Parker 5 year ago

Oh My sister-in-law do make noise while eating so irritating

kinal patel 5 year ago

I have a habit of cracking knuckles and I love it

Annoying Habits people do in Public

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