Bizarre Sports in the world

5 year ago
  • Bizarre Sports in the world
    Someone says it’s not possible some says it’s very weird but yes here we have the world’s most Bizarre sports you haven’t heard about but it’s true and you have to believe this sports do exist, so Are you existed to have fun with this amazing weird sports that will shock you and makes you think to try out this sport once in your life time.
  • Underwater Hockey

    Underwater Hockey

    Underwater Hockey is given the second name as Octopush by the participants. It’s very weird game and the game is played in water in the team where there are 6 players per team and they use stick or paddle to push it in the opposite team. Huge crowd is gathered to watch this underwater game, there are various other ways the hockey is played i.e. Air hockey, Ice hockey, underwater hockey.
  • Dog Surfing

    Dog Surfing

    Dog Surfing is a very cute sport that can make closer to your best buddy and here in this game it’s the dog whom you can trained in your own way how to swim, how to overcome the waves in the sea and going through the waves, many people sees this game very interesting and also come to watch this game. This Dog surfing was first started in San Diego and now spread across most parts of America and very famous in Australia.
  • Chess Boxing – The Most Bizarre Sports

    Chess Boxing – The Most Bizarre Sports

    Chess Boxing is the combination of two games Chess and Boxing, It’s a hybrid sport chess Boxing invented by Dutch artist lepe Rubingh. It’s a kind of match that is mash up of Brain and muscle. The participant must have the knowledge of both chess and boxing. There are rounds that one should have one round of chess and then second round as boxing. It’s a game for the genius people and many of them started liking it very much.
  • Wife Carrying – The Most Outrageous Sports

     Wife Carrying – The Most Outrageous Sports

    Yes you heard it right the strangest and the weird competition that carry the wife on back and go through various huddles and faces the different kinds of obstacles, it was originated in Finland. And the funny thing women would come to know that their husbands are capable to carry their wife. The prize is that the winner would get the wife’s weight beer what could be better prize then this. Isn’t it?
  • Cheese Rolling

    Cheese Rolling

    This is very weird sport competition that is played by the food for thousands of year, this game was not very famous in the past as many people were unware about the sport played in England during the spring Bank holiday and the participates were also very few, but before years back people are coming from all over the country to play this game, here people gather on the top of the Coopers Hill and participates lined up there on the hills judge rolls down the cheese from slope and the people have to slide behind the cheese roll to catch and who ever catches that and comes first is the winner of the game, many gets injured and broke 2-3 bones if you’re lucky enough.
  • Bossaball – The Coolest Acrobatic Game

    Bossaball – The Coolest Acrobatic Game

    It’s definitely the sport of the adrenaline filled athletes. Bossaball is originated in Spain and now is very popular sport played all around the country. Based on the volleyball the rules are same except the trampoline involved. The players would jump and throw the ball to the opposite side weather players throw the ball while jumping, hit or kick according to the game. There are 3-5 players in each game, points are counted if the touches the ground. Pretty amazing to watch and also they come to know about their energy.
  • Blind Soccer

    Blind Soccer

    Blind Soccer is a sport which is played and designed for the blind people, it is an International Blind sports Association which organizes a world championship. All players except the goalkeeper is blindfolded, the ball is kept which makes a sound of jingling or rattling. If you want to buy this ball than it is sell online in amazon. A guide is kept outside the field to provide instruction to the players.

Herman Kaur 5 year ago

Oh that is really very strange games

Austin Jones 5 year ago

I think Dogs are just so filled with energy and trained so well

Tyler Hatt 5 year ago

Now get going all husband after reading this your wife you surely ask you to carry

Rudy James 5 year ago

And just check out the cheese one you're so gonna injured man after trying this game

Bizarre Sports in the world

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