British Prime Minister David Cameron says, Brits don’t quit

5 year ago
  • British Prime Minister David Cameron says, Brits don’t quit

    Giving a dramatic appeal to the voters across the country, David Cameron said referendum is going to shape the future of the west. Addressing interview Cameron left a message that if EU would leave then Britain would jeopardise Britain economy and its national security, there would be fewer jobs, very less allies with higher prices. But Brits don’t quit, so it is based on Britain citizen’s decision that will affect their future, their children future and grandchildren’s future.


  • This was the last conversation that Cameron gives to the audience and showed support for remaining in EU shrinking(Watch Video). Opponents said that the PM has promised for referendum in 2013 but were not done due to the pressure from the lawmakers in their Conservative party, the campaign were also worried about the outcome. One of the multi-millionaire insurance tycoon Arron Banks said in twitter that Cameron is also panicked and the situation is gone out of his hands too.

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  • Also PM David made an emotional appeal that before voting, considers your children future, and asked the country to put aside their personal views and hear the multiple voices who are arguing the EU membership which made them stronger, safer and richer.  Think twice before voting as the decision cannot be undo by your children and this is the hopes and dream of your child’s future says, Cameron.  

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British Prime Minister David Cameron says, Brits don’t quit

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