Daddy's Girl

7 year ago
  • Daddy's Girl 7 year ago

  • Daddy's Girl

    I sit here and daydream of
    my future and how it seems
    I can picture my wedding day
    my daddy walking me down the aisle
    To meet my fate
    I look over at him and see a single
    he thinks he's losing his baby
    His biggest fear
    but I love him more than ever on this
    so I look at him and blow a kiss
    His way

    He has been there for every single
    day of my life
    He has been the provider through all
    the struggle and strife
    I would be lost if he hadn't shown me
    the way
    I don't know that I would have made it
    from day to day
    I am so very lucky for all he has
    Out of all dads, he is the very best one

Daddy's Girl

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