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  • Deepika Padukone live love laugh foundation

    The World Health Organisation characterises depression as one of the most disabling situations in the world. Yet, with the right action and knowledge it can be managed by this foundation Live Love Laugh. Friends, don’t be afraid if you are experiencing severe depression along with some form of psychosis like delusion (false beliefs), hallucinations (seeing or hearing things that aren't there) or paranoia (wrongly believing that others are trying to harm you). It is completely curable with time and proper treatment .We LIVE LOVE LAUGH will help you. Let's have a look about how Deepika Padukone foundation works, helpful and beneficial to all.

  • What is Live Love Laugh?

    One if the B-town hotties  Deepika Padukone's Live love laugh foundation encourage you to leave well, to love greatly, and to laugh often. Live, because life is too short and tolerance takes it for granted. Laugh, because it is the best medicine and everyone loves a good laugh. Love, because no one loves enough and if we loved one another like we loved ourselves, the world would be a better place.

  • How Live Love Laugh was founded?

    How Live Love Laugh was founded?

    Indian government is figuring 6-7% of population leaves with the major to minor mental health problems. 70 million Indians approximately serving from this health concern, it was founded by Deepika Padukone who was diagnosed during the summit of her career and faced depression issue. Then she decided LIVE LOVE LAUGH foundation not-for-profit organisation but dedicated to addressing the issue of mental health and depression in India. she decided to come out from her  personal struggle share and openly talked about mental depression and then she focused on this foundation and for many people for all  who are depressed for them she had make  effort and create a unique foundation LIVE LOVE LAUGH.

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  • Main reason behind the live love laughs foundation?

    The hot and sizzling actress Deepika's foundation seeks for all the peoples who cause the mental health and get depressed day by day which will result in mind irritation problem and effect whole body structure and ultimately spoil their whole life so in order to come over from this situation this foundation has opened.

  • How Live Love Laugh is helpful?

    How Live Love Laugh is helpful?

    LIVE LOVE LAUGH supports and carries out various activities, training groups, creating a national database healthcare professional for easy access, actual health care professionals are developing this foundation and NGO established strongly to power the conceive programme and solve all health issue. Authority of the voice of founder aims visibility and awareness via digital to message the larger population. The Bollywood diva's organisation has also said to build up content on mental health and depression so that visibility and awareness of growth continues. 

  • Deepika Padukone has suffered from depression issue and what she had done?

    Deepika Padukone has suffered from depression issue and what she had done?

    Cute Dimpled Star Deepika Padukone gives message to the viewer and all public about her own personal life. It’s about 15th February 2014 when she wake up on morning she feels restless and feeling paining in the stomach. On one hand she was doing extremely good in professional life but on the other hand Deepika felt that she is sick with low, lonely, feel like to sleep all a day and night. To wake up early is the hardest part of her life and then she knows how tensed and depressed she was. And it was her parents who support in her dark days and then she read and understand about her depression that there are thousand and millions of people suffering like her, so in 2015 she put on her faith and share her depression issue which she had struggled in her future and founded LIVE LOVE LAUGH to help everyone who is suffering from depression. 6 months later with the help of Anna Chandy, Dr.Shyam Bhat, Anirban Blah, Nina Nair and Aashu Calapa, And Deepika Padukone set up The Live Love Laugh Foundation. 

  • What’s the logo of Live Love Laugh?

    Deepika Padukone has also launched a logo of LIVE LOVE LAUGH that signifies a bird flying spirit.

Deepika Padukone live love laugh foundation

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