First Love

7 year ago
  • First Love 7 year ago

  • First Love

    As a little girl I look up to you
    walking in your steps was all that I knew.
    The games we played, the times we've shared
    you've shown in everything, the way you've cared.

    The older I got, the more I knew
    the joy it was to be with you.
    You've always been around for me
    and always loved me unconditionally.

    You've often shown me right from wrong
    and taught me to be meek and strong.
    Your patience and your gentle care
    was everlasting and always there.

    A young lady I soon grew up to be
    and academics I accomplished successfully.
    With all your love and all your praise
    a successful woman you surely did raise.

    Dad, in writing this I just wanted to say
    how much I love you in every way.
    You'll always be the king of my heart
    because you were my love from the very first start.

First Love

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