Full Face Makeup while in her Labour

5 year ago
  • Full Face Makeup while in her Labour
    A makeup artist named Alaha Majid used her talent in Labour pains to avoid it and had done a beautiful and glamorous makeup in the bedside of the hospital room; she welcomed her child on 15th February because she want to look beautiful when her child’s looks for the first time. She shared several pictures in the Instagram of doing makeup in the hospital where she also added an artificial eyelashes, the room was looking like of more of like dressing room where all makeup kits were present brushes, cosmetics, cotton wool instead of more like delivery room. Before 3 weeks only she was preparing for her princess that she could see her in stunning look. she was doing makeup while lying on bed and she also feel many small contraction but her husband manage her and finished her makeup. As her husband is much like supportive she could be forgetting her pain.
  • Makeup Mommy isn’t she very crazy beauty lover to try out and manage to do makeup in the labour where she took some time in full Face Make over. They welcomed their baby girl and named her as Sofia Alaya Karimi, Later she also added that while doing makeup she also left some contraction in the middle but she was confused selecting the colour of her favourite shade. Now you can believe how much time she must have took in packing the beauty care kits and also some of her liquid lipstick shades before leaving for the hospital.
  • Alaha was very happy after the birth of her daughter and also added the post of her before baby and after baby post so for the followers would know how crazy Alaha is for the beauty and glam, people are really crazy and do very innovative and weird stuff. Isn’t it??

Daxon Lane 5 year ago

Crazy Artist

Herman Kaur 5 year ago

That weird who remember to do makeover in this condition

Full Face Makeup while in her Labour

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