Genius and Stupidity people who have out of the box thinking

3 year ago
  • Genius and Stupidity people who have out of the box thinking

    These ideas are either really very smart or really very stupid as we know Innovations are done through laziness only. So here we will go through some of the weirdest stuff which are technically related and these people are one step ahead than rest other people in the world. Also they went bit far with fantasy and carry out crazy stuff with funny invention all times. So have a quick look to our funny gallery.

  • My Smart Way

    My Smart Way

    Putting stretched Earlobes in ear by piercing his body. This man dared to keep earphones in place; He is a big example of the people thinking out of the box. He has crossed every single borderline by presenting genius ideas.

  • Dads are just amazing

    Dads are just amazing

    OMG!! Parenting are done very wrong as being a parent is most important thing and carry the responsibility, here we can see that dad is having great time trolling their own kids in the cutest way.

  • I hate when my phone battery is dead

    I hate when my phone battery is dead

    There was no hope for the alternative source to charge the phone in the middle of anywhere, but one of the men in Nepal discovered the solar panel with the convertor unit and got cable to charge his cell phone anywhere any time what a genius guy.

  • Wrong Parenting

    Wrong Parenting

    Here parenting done is very wrong nowadays people are becoming lazy and making it more enjoyable. At least they are creating such kinds of model which are interesting and thinking out of box.

  • Father’s invention for daughter

    Father’s invention for daughter

    A Father have invented and designed the shoes for her daughter who was paralyzed to give the sensation of the walking isn’t it’s amazing and a genius design.

  • Onion Tears Glass catcher

    Onion Tears Glass catcher

    Here’s an interesting and inspiring innovation you can use while cutting or slicing the onion at your home, you have to just buy 2 plastic glasses form market and when you need to cut your onion just wear on the Glass it can use as a tear catcher, isn’t it great.

  • Bring your childhood back

    Bring your childhood back

    Miss your childhood days and the bottle that your mom use to give you when you’re crying, just try on this simple way and feel like a 1 year old kid again.

  • Untouchable Touch Light

    Untouchable Touch Light

    Don’t have three hands or else the other person to help you or no electricity and want to complete the assignment use this innovative ideas and work smart, this guy really thinks out of the box and is also inspire people to work in any condition.

  • Indoor Volley Ball

    Indoor Volley Ball

    Weather is not good outside, mom not allowing playing in Rain no worries play inside your house along with your friends and enjoy with snacks, watching TV, Listening Music and have lots of fun.

  • Benefits of having Prosthetic leg gun

    Benefits of having Prosthetic leg gun

    Nowadays technology is increasing so much that prosthetic gun is available in the market with great innovation with attached GPS system and also whenever you find a perfect place sits there and just make an angle.

  • Crazy Weird and Wacky Haircut

    Crazy Weird and Wacky Haircut

    Hairs stylish are doing experiments on models as they are trying new stuff every now and then on models and giving them a new look. You can also try on the wacky haircut which sometimes is very weird and few thinks it’s an amazing style that will make their look different from other.

  • This man will prove you the real genius person

    This man will prove you the real genius person

    People are always doing things in genius or the stupid way, they can be either use their mind or not use it. This kind of idea is only created by the person who doesn’t use their mind and are thinking about getting comfortable in any situation. This one is big example for the smart people doing smart work. 

  • Stupid but actually works

    Stupid but actually works

    The soup was really very hot so tried out this funny way to get the warm output. Isn’t it cool? This idea is either very smart or are really very stupid but why we care if it works very perfectly.

  • Perfect Kitchen Design

    Perfect Kitchen Design

    If you’re thinking of saving space in your kitchen and you only can effort tiny apartment then use this small cabinet which will take very less space in your kitchen. This is one of the best examples for the genius space saving products.

  • New Jersey Trending Phone Gun

    New Jersey Trending Phone Gun

    A new iPhone case has been invented and designed by the people. You can buy from any store and is trending in New Jersey. But whenever cops hate to see them, also the cops of New Jersey have warn the people against buying this kind of funny gun-shaped cell phone.  

  • Better to take your car with you

     Better to take your car with you

    While coming back to see your car on the blocks just take along with you whenever go for boating it’s an amazing to build a houseboat from your vehicle.



Genius and Stupidity people who have out of the box thinking

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