Hot Celebrities with Their Sexy Legs

5 year ago
  • Hot Celebrities with Their Sexy Legs

    Here the List of Celebrity’s Sexy Legs. Some legs are long and go for miles. Other legs are toned and shapely. It’s important to point out that all legs are beautiful and stunning. However, some female celebrities are synonymous with hot and stunning legs.

  • 1. Taylor Swift

    1. Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift was born on 13 December 1989. She is an American Singer Song Writer. Taylor wasn't a talented musician. she could easily be a supermodel with those legs. The singer takes care to highlight her endless legs with a parade of high waisted short shorts and mini dresses that give everyone else on the red carpet major leg envy. 

  • 2. Black Lively

    2. Black Lively

    Black Lively was born on 25 August 1987. Black Lively is an American Actress, Model and the most perfect celebrity body parts. Though Gabrielle Union snagged the best arms and Sofia Vergara won for her chest, the award for the best legs went to the head-spinning long stems of Blake and it's easy to see why.

  • 3. Carrie Underwood

    3. Carrie Underwood

    Carrie Underwood was born on 10 March 1983. Carrie is an American Actress, Singer, and Song Writer. She rose to fame as the winner of the fourth season of American Idol in 2005. She is one of the most successful artists in any musical genre.  She has won 7 Grammy Awards, 11 Academy of Country Music awards and 16 Billboard Music awards. Her sexy and gorgeous legs are equally as famous as she is. Her legs are known for being fit and lean. 

  • 4. Jennifer Lopez

    4. Jennifer Lopez

    Jennifer Lopez was born on 24 July 1969. She is an American Actress, Singer, Fashion Designer, Dancer and Producer. Jennifer Lopez is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful celebrities in Hollywood. She is well known for her curvy figure and very popular booty. Although she might be well known for having one of the most phenomenal butts, her beautiful legs often steal the show.

  • 5. Gisele Bundchen

    5. Gisele Bundchen

    1.       Gisele Bundchen was born on 20 July 1980. Gisele Bundchen is a Brazilian Model, Actress. She was one of the first Brazilian Supermodels to gain international fame and recognition. At one point she was the highest paid supermodel. She ranked number one on the Most Desirable Body on the Famed Hottest Looks Survey. Unfortunately for many of her fans, her long, stunning and breath taking legs cannot be duplicated.

Hot Celebrities with Their Sexy Legs

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