How Badly Smoking Effect on your Body

5 year ago
  • How Badly Smoking Effect on your Body
    Smoking is the first factor for lung Cancer, but can also affect your entire body and around 70% cause’s cancer. Nicotine hits your body and adds sugar to your blood, this cause high clotting of blood and can make you the diabetes patients, gives you bad teeth, smelly hair, poor vision, wrinkly skin, yellow figures, infertility also problems for new born. Read more…We still have much more unknown facts about smoking.
  • Smoking raises the Blood pressure and lowers the cholesterol level, and this can result in stretching of the arteries and build-up of the bad cholesterol, as having a pack of cigarettes per day is having a chest x-rays 50 times per year. Smoking increase risk of stroke, heart attack, coronary heart disease and much more risk included. If talking in long term, Smoking is at greater risk for lung cancer.
  • Smoking is harmful to your health, and yes when you want to replace your cigarette with a cigar, pipe or hookah it won’t work to avoid health issues, cigarette contain lots more than 600 ingredients and more than 7000 chemicals in it, among all this chemicals 69 chemicals cause cancer disease, so it’s said very clearly that you’ll lose 14 years of life and live out a normal lifespan.
  • Smoking effect more on the young children as the atmosphere is smoky and the young children are playing around that air their young developing lungs would receive the higher concentration of inhaled toxins than do older lungs, they need clean air to breathe and its very well proved that cigarettes contain the Urea chemical which is made out of urine and is used to add flavour to it.
  • The most amazing fact is we have more than 1.3 billion smokers in the world and around 80% are from middle class and low class income countries, Every year 5.4 million people are killed and one person every second. Most of the smokers smoke after meals to digest their food this happens when the person’s brain flushes the toxins and the digestion can be done easily.
  • Second hand smoke is very dangerous and serious problem as it is caused by the second person and more than 600,000 premature deaths happens every year and more than 3000 lung cancer patients die annually. 40% of them are children who are caught in the second hand smoke, and the compound of Nicotine reaches the brain in 10 seconds after the smoke is inhaled. And this can cause dangerous effect to the new born babies.
  • Chinese constume more than 2.2 trillion of cigarettes every year and among them 400 billion are almost fake and illegal manufactured, they add more than 80% Nicotine, 130 % carbon monoxide and also they contain compounds like arsenic, formaldehyde, lead, hydrogen cyanide, nitrogen oxide, ammonia and 43 known carcinogens. Philip Morris is the manufacturer of the Marlboro brand of cigarettes dead of lung cancer, Smoke can affect your entire body say in Bladder, Blood, cervix, lung, throat, tongue and everywhere. Smoking is very dangerous for the pregnant women because it can affect baby before the birth.
  • It is said that if you want to detect marijuana cigarettes than it would take 2-3 days test to detect drugs, and is very well said that 25% of the cigarettes are fake and not good for your health this ratio is calculated by WHO( world Health Organisation. Smoking can affect your teeth and gums and can cause tooth loss. The movie “Thank You For smoking” didn’t have any one smoking cigarettes throughout the whole movie. 20lbs of Eggplant contains as much as Nicotine as a cigarette.

Rudy James 5 year ago

Thank you I was unaware about most of these side affects

Daxon Lane 5 year ago

Actually I was knowing but this could be poisonous to these limit I couldn’t thought of that before

Ricky Parker 5 year ago

Oh!! Within 10 sec Nicotine reaches the brain

Wilson George 5 year ago

I’m for sure going to Quit Smoking

How Badly Smoking Effect on your Body

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