Indian Funny Innovation of all time fresh

5 year ago
  • Indian Funny Innovation of all time fresh
    There are various advantages of these innovation that could be found useful and also grab the opportunity for independent thinking, low cost maintenance, can also show attitude so what are you waiting for start your funny innovation now on your old stuff or the broken stuff.
  • Funny Cycling

    Funny Cycling

    Now have an amazing ride with this funny looking cycle and feel like you are riding a unique bike, this create an effect of Fashion and icon to others, and if you are financial not eligible to purchase a car than you can fix this kind of steering in your bike and enjoy the ride. Innovative Door Locking System
  • Innovative Door Locking System

    Innovative Door Locking System

    Technology is improving day by day and the use of the old things is also needed we can’t sell everything whenever the new technology device comes and go, so if your car door’s lock is not in working condition and you need to use it, then here is our Indian Jugaad style invention to lock your car door with a lock.
  • Fix Broken Dryer Knob

    Fix Broken Dryer Knob

    What happen? Dryer knob is broken no problem, try to fix it with a pro. Isn’t it is an innovative trick in the funny way; you can fix it temporary if you need to use it urgently and you don’t have much time to call the technicians.
  • Waste to best Use

    Waste to best Use

    So now, we have this amazing innovative idea to use this trick whenever your hand wash is over and you don’t want to buy the whole can then you can just add the bottle with tape and reuse it, and when your AC needs support put your grandpa’s unused sticks to it so interesting and innovative isn’t it cool to use.
  • Indian Innovative Jugaad

    Indian Innovative Jugaad

    Taking good care of your keys as they are lost anywhere or else even lost from the key stand as it is very removed by a little push so used a stick to pin that can help your keys to move whenever you want, CD is stuck inside no problem put a handle over it and use it, cool stuff to use with an Indian Jugaad.
  • Innovative Creation

    Innovative Creation

    The Funny Innovative creation when don’t have any hot dog plate to fry no problem use this technique and seal the tier and use it appropriately. Cool funny stuff isn’t it.
  • Street Indian Jugaad

    Street Indian Jugaad

    Use of Waste bottle to be used as a lamp for the street and relight it in an amazing way, Indian Kids are using Brooms instead of wickets so funny but also very useful so you can also make some creative stuff that could be useful to you.

urvashi prajapati 5 year ago

Who is going to ride that cycle?

kresha shah 5 year ago

Really innovative and funny too

sana pathan 5 year ago

Yes Indian are always funny and try on new and funny things all time

nisha modi 5 year ago

Just check out how they are using the tyres of the vehicles

Indian Funny Innovation of all time fresh

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