Indian Photoshoot of Acid Victims

5 year ago
  • Indian Photoshoot of Acid Victims
    A Creative an inspirational Photoshoot of the Acid victims is done to get attention of Indian people so that they should spread awareness of the Acid Attackers that how badly the victims live their life after their attack. The photoshoot of the girls of very young age is been photoshoot, a girl of 22 year old Rupa and her 4 friends wearing designer dress and possess for the shoot. The Photographer named Rahul Saharan just told them to be natural and no editing or makeup is done in their photos, they just look very beautiful he added.
  • A documentary is been made by the volunteers of the Stop Acid Attack charity club. They were also supporting girls not to be nervous and be confident. This photoshoot was conducted in August 2014, in New Delhi. A girl named Ritu was attacked by her cousin for property issue, whereas Sonam 22 years, and chanchal 17 years has been attacked in the village while they were asleep because they were harassing them for the sexual attention in northern state of UP.
  • Here we are spreading this awareness of the 5 victim’s girls who are badly attacked by acid and doing violence against woman. They should be punished very badly as they were not getting attention of the women they can anytime perform this crime on any girl and can spoil their life, this is what woman are for?? Shame on these disgusting men, who are roaming everywhere without any fear of anybody.
  • Rupa’s face was attacked when she was 15 years old by her stepmother because she was unwilling to pay the expenses for her marriage, and her dream is to open a boutique and so she has done this photoshoot, A girl named Laxmi was also 15 when her brother friend propose her and she refused her proposal so she was attacked, In India this all 5 cases were not solved and these attacker were unpunished.
  • In recent years 1,500 acid victims were reported may be there be much more in ratio or more than 200 more victims that have not yet listed in our records. This girls were very excited after Rahul encourage them and they are hoping to organise a photo exhibition to help the acid attackers.

kirti rav 5 year ago

OMG these girls have suffered so lot

monika singh 5 year ago

Good Job Mr Rahul Saharan the photographer

Indian Photoshoot of Acid Victims

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