Man Eating Insects Breaks the World Record

5 year ago
  • Man Eating Insects Breaks the World Record
    India’s biggest Bear Grylls fan named John Peter 23, from Coimbatore likes to eats insects and uses them as his daily diet of insects only; He loves to eats cockroaches, caterpillars, lizards, dragonflies, spiders, and also ants. He has broken the world record for eating the largest number of earthworms in a minute. He is a very big fan of Bear Grylls and wants to have respect like him. His favourite food is Cockroaches and Live Scorpion. He is on an extremely diet of Insects and also eats Grasshoppers. Many people in the surrounding area say that it is disgusting but still John continue his diet and enjoy eating them.
  • John Daily Diet Menu: Breakfast: Indian Dosa with ½ kgs of Earthworms Lunch: Vegetable and cheese sandwich filled with earthworms made by his mother. Snack: 10-20 Lizards Dinner: Indian Dal and Rice with Dragonflies/ grasshopper on the side Evening Snack: Cockroaches and Ants plus one scorpion in a week as a treat. He honestly confessed that he don’t want to be boring like other people and at the age of 15 he tried on small insects and practising for Guinness World Record attempt, People started calling him as Insects eating man and he was very happy and thinks that it was brilliant. John says that he loves the taste and when he mixes with roti and pickles it taste amazing. Also he added that the texture of the insects is bit crunchy and sweet and dead insects are just horrible to eat so he finds alive one and then he eats up.
  • He told that his Parents and sister were very shocked when they come to knew that I am eating insects , they were worried about the effect he is going to face and who would marry him no woman would marry an insect eating man. Mr John is now trying to make his parents and friends to try on this dietary stuff and encouraging them also by saying it would taste good.

maulika pathak 5 year ago

Oh Man don’t eat this rubbish things

kresha shah 5 year ago

For breaking records you try on this weird insects and have as your diet

Man Eating Insects Breaks the World Record

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