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  • Megan Fox Biography, News, interesting facts and hot Photos gallery

    Megan Fox nick name: Mega Fox, Foxy Megan, Meg

    Profession: Actress, Model

    Height: 163 cm

    Figure: 34-22-32

    Born on: 16th May 1986

    Zodiac Sign: Taurus

    Hometown: Oak Ridge, Tennessee

    Net Worth: $5 million


    Megan Denise Fox was born in Rockwood, Tennessee and Franklin Thomas fox.  She began her training in drama and dance at the age of 5 and to age 10. Megan started acting and modelling at the age of 13. She won many awards at 1999 and at the age of 17 she tested out of the school using correspondence and eventuality.  She made her first debut as Brianna Wallace in Mary Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen film holiday in the sun 2001. Her best roles were played in the first two instalments of the Transformer series and in the o Neil film reboot Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 


  • Megan Fox Family Background

    Megan Fox Family Background

    Fox was born on May 16, 1986 in Memphis, Tennessee. She is the daughter of Gloria Darlene and Franklin Thomas. She has English ancestry, her father is a parole officer and her mother is divorced when fox was only three years.  Later her mom got remarried and she and her sister were raised by her mother and step Father. Fox said that her parents were very strict and didn’t allow having boyfriend nor they are allowed to bring their friends at home.  She began her training in dance and drama at the age of 5, she completed her study and at the age of 13 she joined modelling after winning several awards at 1999 American Modelling and Talent Convention in Hilton. She said that girls always hated her and has never been a big believer in formal education. 

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  • Megan Fox Personal Life

    Megan Fox Personal Life

    Fox is known for her sexiest body in recent years which includes the FHM magazine Sexiest Woman Alive list and Maxim’s hot 100 collections; she has been ranked in the top 20 on multiple rising stars which includes no 1 on moviefone’s list. In June 2010 Megan Fox got engaged to actor Brian Austin Green with following 2 year relationship. But shortly they cancelled their engagement and made a headline that she lost two carat diamond rings on a beach while vacationing with Green in Hawaii. Later they exchanged vows and got married. The couple actually has two sons, Noah and Bodhi, in 2015 Green and Fox announced that they are separated after 11 years of togetherness. 

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  • Megan Fox Real-estate

    Megan Fox Real-estate

    Megan Fox the known sexiest and hot actress keeps up her title with her brand new sexy classy multi-million estate at Los Feliz situated in Los Angeles, California. Fox’s new estate worth $2.94 million spells out lavish taste. This extravagant place spreads out in an area of around 5,200 sq. ft. loaded with all kinds of luxuries that one can even think off. 

  • Megan Fox cars- Mercedes-Benz CLS55

    Megan Fox cars- Mercedes-Benz CLS55

    Megan Fox is very classy and has grand choice that could be so well seen in her car collection. Fox owns a grand Mercedes-Benz CLS55 that is worth £40,000. This high-tech car is loaded with all kinds of comfy and easy going features. This lovely and unique four door sedan is set up with the quiet powerful AMG V8 supercharged engine that generates high output of factually 476 hp (355 kW) and as much of 516 ft. lbs of torque by just using 5.5 litres. High-performing AMG breaking system plus AMG body styling. CLS 55 AMG also features AIRMATIC DC semi-active air suspension that has the adaptive damping system specially modified by proper tuning.

  • Mercedes-Benz G550

    Mercedes-Benz G550

    Megan Fox owns a Mercedes-Benz G550, a classy car offering a royal ride, making an absolute luxury statement for the owner. Benz G550 is a five person car and is highly loaded and stuffed with all kinds of luxurious and technological features making it an ultramodern car. It is a full-time four wheel drive system with all lockable front, centre and rear views. This particular configuration is ideal for rushing the G550 0-60 in mere time of 6.6 seconds, along with providing fuel economy of 13 mpg.

  • Megan Fox Transformer

    Megan Fox Transformer

    Michael Bay has to conclude clarified why he dismissed the world's sexiest hottest woman from his smash hit Transformers series. When Megan Fox associated Bay to Hitler, producer Steven Spielberg said he must fire her. Yesterday said by bay you know the Hitler thing? Steven said, fire her right now. Fox had ready the statement to British magazine Wonderland before filming began.

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  • Megan Says, He

    Megan Says, He

    He's similar Napoleon and he needs to make this ridiculous, shocking madman reputation, she said of Bay. He desires to be like Hitler on his sets, and he is. So he's a frightening to work for but when you get him away from set, and he's not in manager mode, he is kind and actually enjoys her personality because he's so awkward, so miserably stupid. 

  • Co-star Shia LaBeouf told the LAT

    Co-star Shia LaBeouf told the LAT

    Megan established this Spice Girl strength, this woman empowerment mess stuff that complete ample her texture tough about her contribution with Michael, whoever is closely people think is a very lascivious filmmaker, the way he films women, LaBeouf said. Mike films women in a way that demands to 16 age old sexuality. 

  • Some of her Unknown facts

    Some of her Unknown facts

    1. Megan Fox’s blood relation divorced when she was too young, Fox was elevated by her mommy and stepfather in St. Petersburg, Florida. Fox joined Catholic school and, as part of a contract with her mother, she had to earn her qualification before moving to Los Angeles to chase acting. Fox has said her Christian belief is still very significant to her. Though at school, however, Fox predictable she wasn't common and didn't have any sweethearts. As a result, she was occasionally forced to eat lunch in the bathroom. When she was still a young kid, Fox was a talented swimmer and according to her mother tumbledown the previous record time for the 8-and-under medley at her rebirth centre.

  • 2. She had training in drama and dance when she was just 5 years old. Fox’s modelling career proved most successful from the start, however, and by the time she was 13, she had won several competitions. When she was 15, she made her acting debut in the direct-to-DVD "Holiday in the Sun" (2001). Shortly after, Fox was a guest-star on "Two and a Half Men" and an uncredited extra in Michael Bay's "Bad Boys II" (2003).One of her first big roles was in 2004's "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen" opposite Lindsay Lohan, in which she played Carla Santini, a rival of Lohan's character.

  • 3. Through her wedding with Brian Austin Green, Fox is also a stepmother to Green's son Kassius (born March 2002), from his previous connection with actress Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo. They have two sons together, Noah Shannon Green and Bodhi Ransom Green. She acted with 'Lost' actor Dominic Monaghan in the music video for Eminem and Rihanna's single "Love the Way You Lie". Megan had a cameo role in the 2003 blockbuster 'Bad Boys II' as a dancer in a night club.

  • 4. Megan loves eating PEZ candy. She collects PEZ points and owns about 30 exclusive ones. Without her heels, Megan is 5 feet 6 inches tall. She was voted #1 sexiest woman by FHM readers for 2008. Her favourite book is 'Kiss the Girls' by James Patterson. She has owned dogs, cats, and birds before and also has a pet pig. Nirvana is one of her beloved bands of all times.

  • 5. Today total, she has had up to nine tattoos done counting a line from William Shakespeare's 'King Lear' on her right shoulder and a poem written by herself on her ribs which reads "Near once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her heart." Megan had a bulging tattoo of Marilyn Monroe on her alert which she had removed. "I'm removing it," she told Italian Magazine Amica, on whose September topic cover she features (via Celebrity-Gossip). "It is a undesirable character, as she hurt from nature ailments and was bipolar. She do not want to attract this kind of harmful vigour in her life."

  • 6. Megan Fox is also giant fan of Star Wars. She possesses a group of memorabilia, including a life-size replica of R2-D2 that glows up and marks sounds! Megan's nerdy nature doesn't end with comics; she also enjoys playing video games online with her husband, Brian Austin Greene. Some of her most wanted games to play are Halo and Guitar Hero. Megan is into comics and her favourite one is "Gen 13", a series about a team of five super powerful teenagers and their mentor. She also enjoys "Switchblade" which is about a female NYPD killing detective who gains powers via the ownership of a mystical artefact.

  • 7. Her all-time choice TV show is History Channel's "Ancient Aliens" that investigates theories of past human-extra-terrestrial contact. She is a regularly attends an L.A. church that she says is "not judgmental, does not close its doors to anybody, and has a young, active, passionate congregation, which is how I like to experience church.

  • 8. If she could have any power bloc, she would love to be invisible! "Invisibility...It's how you gain the most advantage, at least in real-world circumstances. She would also requisite wonderful strength, but that's a given," she said in an interview. She loves shopping and one of her much-loved things to buy is shoes! In one of her interviews, Megan said that she has profound distress panic of darkness, triggered by a juvenile trauma. She is also scared of hovering which she has to frequently expression artificial her eventful schedule.

  • 9. she's also shown that she agonizes from Obsessive-Compulsive Objection (OCD), and said that she can't use civic tableware or arrive a lavatory without sensation painful. One of her eccentric fears is hearing people breathe. In November 2008, Megan shared fellow Hollywood co-stars Scarlett Johansson, Jared Leto and Christina Ricci in containing in a line of personality swap cards. The sale endures of the argument cards goes to charities chosen by the actors.

  • 10. Megan has one time assumed that she started performing as a way to avoid college and to make money! By 2009, Megan was so well-known famed that a few online men's website decided to boycott her on their sites. August 4th that year was known as 'A Day with No Megan Fox', and several websites - including the super popular - have promised not to mention or feature her. When she appeared on set for the second 'Transformers' movie, director Michael Bay asked her to put on five kilograms because she was a little bit too skinny. While shooting Modifiers Megan lost two of her big toenails because her shoes hurt her feet.

  • Megan Fox Career Breakthrough

    Megan Fox Career Breakthrough

    Megan landed her biggest break in 2007, when she was cast alongside Shia LaBeouf in the Steven that was produced blockbuster Transformers.  In the movie fox has played a romantic lead Mikaela Banes in the film. She was also nominated for MTV 2008 Movie Award.  In the following year Fox joined the cast of the comedy. The movie was hit as the role was comedy but didn’t achieve much commercial success in the United States. In 2009 Megan reprised the role and the sequel was hit again in the box office, she has signed up the third instalment titled Transformer 3 but later she left the project. In 2010 Film credits which includes playing Leila, the gun toting mistress in the Wild West film Jonah Hex. Later she starred in the film This is 40 in the year 2012.  If we talk about the recent year then in 2014 she signed April O’Neil Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 

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