Missing You,

7 year ago
  • Missing You, 7 year ago

  • Missing You,

    You are the one who I always think,
    I even see your face everytime I blink.
    I really don't know why am I acting like this,
    All I know that it is you who I miss.

    When I think about you, my eyes seemed to glow,
    When I dream of you, I hoped for no tomorrow.
    To be with you right now is what I've wished
    'Coz it is really you whom my heart has missed.

    I believe that we will be together sooner or later.
    How I hope that the time and day will pass faster
    So that I'll be with you and hug you tight,
    And never let go of you with all my might.

    'Coz I really miss you and boy that is true.

Missing You,

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