Most Unusual Magical Beaches in the world

5 year ago
  • Most Unusual Magical Beaches in the world
    Talking about the beaches, who don’t like beaches they are so beautiful where you can relax, feel the waves of the bright sunlight with the different colour forming sand and the Rocks that are found beside the beach, the photography done with the beautiful Nature’s creativity will warmth your heart filled with the happiness all around, so don’t miss it and enjoy the series.
  • Dragon Eggs, New Zealand

    Dragon Eggs, New Zealand

    The Moeraki Boulders are the group of very large spherical stones present near the beach. The Boulders are very popular attractions of the south Island and are uncovered and smoothed by pounding waves. They are found in New Zealand beach and are concretions of balls of sedimentary rock which are harder than earth around them. They are also known as Dragon Eggs found in Koekohe Beach. You would be surprise to see the scattered marbles like spread on the beach look like giants. They are big. While not unique on the planet, some of them are up to a meter in diameter but the majority range from 1.5 to 2.2 meters – that is almost seven feet in diameter. Most of them are almost perfect spheres. Also there are large cracks in the rock as they tell they are very old and also sometimes they are very thin where some are 56 million years old.
  • Jokulsarlon, Iceland

    Jokulsarlon, Iceland

    Glacier Lagoon Jokulsarlon is present in the border of Vatnajokull National Park where you can see different types of Icebergs in the varieties of colours with charcoal soot to the formation of resembling glass to the chunks of blue powder. Sand is black known as Black volcanic sand and the contrasts forms beautiful with the white and glassy chunks of ice.
  • Pfeiffer Purple Sand Beach, California

    Pfeiffer Purple Sand Beach, California

    The purple sand at this beach is formed when manganese garnet deposits in the surrounding hills erode into the sea. You can see the purple sand when you head south after the rain there is a very good chance to see that purple sand on the beach of California. The beach looks beautiful all windy and the rocks feels like funnel the gusts also sometimes the colour appears more pinkish and also sometimes green in colour but in very rare cases.
  • Unique Glass Beach in California

    Unique Glass Beach in California

    Glass Beach is the unique beach in Fort Bragg in California formed after the trash dumped for years and are also very soft because they are pounded into sand by the surf, the dumping was prohibited but the glass sand remain there only, throwing the old household garbage in the sea now have got the name as Glass Sea. In the 20 century people dump their old Car Glass, other stuff including glass also and the sea discarded glass into small, smooth, coloured trinkets that covers the beach with glass in California.
  • Red Sand Beach, Rabida, Galapagos

    Red Sand Beach, Rabida, Galapagos

    The Red Beaches formed in Galapagos due to the oxidization process of Iron-rich lava deposits and also due to the washed up coral sediments material found in Island. Behind the beach you can also see salt brush and the pelicans making their nests, the Red sand beach is also called as Jervis Island and it is a perfect spot for birdwatching, admiring Lagoons, large numbers of flamingos, and also amazing sea Lions. Rabida is a beautiful Island for practising snorkelling.

Herman Kaur 5 year ago

Really they are magical

Martin Wood 5 year ago

I am so going to these Places

Most Unusual Magical Beaches in the world

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