Most Unusual Toothpastes in the world

5 year ago
  • Most Unusual Toothpastes in the world
    Guys, People are so going crazy by manufacturing so many different kinds of toothpaste that can add different flavours, colours by adding the ingredient that you like to eat and taste very good but do you guys think that by adding this taste in your toothpaste is really a cool idea, what do you say about these stuff, check out the series and see how many strange toothpaste we have known and which one do you think would be better for you.
  • Thailand’s weird Toothpaste – Twin Lotus

    Thailand’s weird Toothpaste – Twin Lotus

    We all know that Thailand is a place which can surprise people by trying on weird stuff every time, then not in toothpaste so they have manufactured weird toothpaste that actually surprise people. Actually by seeing the colour no people say as 1 in millions people have guts to taste this toothpaste. This paste is completely natural and is made up of herbs; the look of this paste is just disgusting. The paste looks and almost smells like faces. It is slimy, brown toothpaste that looks absolutely horrific. Don’t ever try to get that in your mouth.
  • Philippines Kids toothpaste- Chocolate Close up

    Philippines Kids toothpaste- Chocolate Close up

    The paste is also called as Choco loco; it helps to protect the teeth and is even better than fluoride in preventing cavities. Chocolate flavour is added because kids love this flavour and they would love to brush their teeth, it’s very good idea as no kids wouldn’t sleep without brushing even they would love so much that they’ll brush thrice a day.
  • Australia Bacon Toothpaste - Bacon Flavoured

    Australia Bacon Toothpaste - Bacon Flavoured

    Many people love Bacon for breakfast, lunch or even Dinner too, so for them. Bacon is used in ice cream as a flavoured than why not in toothpaste, when you brush your teeth with bacon flavoured its gives the taste of Bacon and you would taste delicious the whole day. So what are you waiting for Bacon Lovers , Hurry up you also need to try out how it really taste like and enjoy brushing every day.
  • America Whiskey toothpaste – Whiskey Flavoured

    America Whiskey toothpaste – Whiskey Flavoured

    So now here we come to the adult’s toothpastes somethings that are really strong for adults, and this is the flavoured for you guys. Don’t want to wake up from bed and you are getting late at your office no worries we have an amazing Whiskey flavoured that will definitely help you to wake up, you’ll get up thinking of whiskey and off from bed to brush this was introduced in America and is also not very expensive.
  • Two ways Toothpaste

    Two ways Toothpaste

    Yes we have an amazing new Life hacks used in toothpaste that can be used from both the sides, the container looks weird but not the content filled in it. The tube has two opening and you can squeeze from both the ends, flavour is also the natural one so no more arguments in morning and uses this unique two ways toothpaste.
  • Monkey Brand Black Toothpaste

    Monkey Brand Black Toothpaste

    A Monkey black coloured toothpaste made with using charcoal for cleaning your teeth, it’s just horrible to use the crushed charcoal to brush your teeth. It feels unbearable in the mouth and most people do this but actually taste also matters a lot. Charcoal helps us to keep our teeth clean, and make mouth fresh with the flavoured of mint. Brand name may attract you to try this weird stuff.

Herman Kaur 5 year ago

It’s really so weird

sana pathan 5 year ago

I am not gonna try this toothpaste anytime

Most Unusual Toothpastes in the world

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