My Five Kitty Cats

7 year ago
  • My Five Kitty Cats 7 year ago

  • My Five Kitty Cats

    Buster, Sparkle, Newbie, Speedy
    and then there's Pixie our smallest kitty,
    One, two, three and four and five,
    they're so frisky, so alive.

    Sparkle is my number one,
    14 years old and so much fun.
    Purrs and snuggles on my shoulder,
    she's getting slow and somewhat older.
    She meows for water from the sink,
    I turn it on, for her to drink.

    Speedy is my number two,
    proud and handsome, I tell you!
    He prances like a little pony,
    and you know what? That's no baloney.
    He guards the others from above,
    and sometimes gives a little shove.

    Newbie is my number three,
    chubby, plump as one can be.
    Always cleaning, always licking, 
    he tries to run but his paws keep sticking.
    He keeps on searching for a hand,
    to scratch under his collar band.

    Buster is my number four,
    always eating, more and more.
    Loves to snack on lots of munchies,
    Tender Vittles and some crunchies.
    Begging, pleading, day and nights.
    "Give me crunchies, or I'll bite!"

    Pixie is my number five,
    She jumps, rolls over, takes a dive.
    Up my back, onto my shoulder,
    hoping I would grab and hold her.
    Then she jumps to catch a fly,
    She's four months old, my sweetie pie.

    Buster, Sparkle, Newbie, Speedy,
    and there's Pixie our smallest kitty.
    Five, four, three and two and one,
    I love my kitty cats, they're so much fun.

My Five Kitty Cats

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