NASA will be reproducing Potatoes on Mars

5 year ago
  • NASA will be reproducing Potatoes on Mars
    Yes, It very true and clearly explained that NASA will soon be stimulate growing of Potatoes on Mars in Peru for the coming next year. The Potatoes would be grown in many Varieties and in large quantity.
  • NASA- Peru is a country with the greatest diversity of potatoes in the world differing in the size, shape, colour, pulp, texture, taste, and with more than 3,800 varieties.
  • CIP Lima ‘s International Potato Centre is going to do experiment along with US Space agency of NASA and also determining the test this different varieties are fitted to grow on Mars or not. There are more than 4500 Varieties that have been registered at CIP and also creating an atmosphere like Mars only to prove that Red Planet can be used for farming of vegetables or not.
  • This research is been done by NASA to reduce poverty and cultivate more food. The Potatoes would be grown in different ecological zones by checking out the climate condition and also to be grow in the Rocky and arid region. Among all 4,500 varieties 60 varieties tested prove that they can be grown with a very little water and salt and they are also immune to viruses. A Peruvian NASA astrobiologist who is taking part in the ambitious project, Julio Valdivia Silva said that we would be soon passing all test for certain potatoes which we have selected.
  • There is a sector of the Atacama Desert in southern Peru that's considered one of the driest places on earth and is also very similar to that found on the Red Planet. So the Scientist have plan for the Future to transport 200 pounds i.e. 100 Kilogrammes for testing in CIP Lab of NASA which also contain mostly carbon dioxide and are expose to UV Radiations.
  • By experimenting from now we’ll be getting much more benefit after one or two years. Valdivia said, we would be using the technique, used for cultivating plants without soil, would expose roots inside a sphere or cube that is sprayed with nutrients and contains a system for removing toxins and also added in future years, NASA plans to build a Mars research centre in the Peruvian desert.
NASA will be reproducing Potatoes on Mars

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