No More Happiness

7 year ago
  • No More Happiness 7 year ago

  • No More Happiness

    Nothing can beat the pain I felt today.
    Never thought so much hurt would come my way.
    I tried to brush it off like there was nothing there.
    As I try to fight the pain it gives me a hard stare.

    It says, Why do you brush me off and push me out of the way?
    You know exactly why I'm here and that I'm here to stay.
    That's right? Just pick up that blade and cut yourself real quick.
    Nobody will ever know if you do it real slick.

    Make sure there's no stain on your shirt and all.
    If anyone asks, tell them you had a hard fall.
    Oh, and by the way, I have rules for you.
    I wrote them in your mind for you to look through.

    No short sleeves, no doctors, and take your blades everywhere.
    If someone notices the cuts, make sure they don't stare.
    There will be no bathing suits or skin showing of any kind,
    And no boys touching you, so keep that in mind.

    Make sure you never stop cutting because I like that the best.
    Oh, yeah, there's one more rule? No more happiness.

No More Happiness

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