Offbeat News- Poison Wipe out cancer in Mice

5 year ago
  • Offbeat News- Poison Wipe out cancer in Mice
    Yes it’s true Albert Einstein college of Medicine study have done the experiment on the mice using the Nano balls filled with Poison and inserted into the mice who was suffering from the Metastatic cancer to remove the tumour from the body it is very risky so now researchers have come up with a new approach that a tumour can be cured by swallowing Poison. So far the result says that the researchers are progressing and also the researchers are trying to launch clinical trials in cancer patients within the year.
  • Woman has 6 feet Alligator as a pet

    Woman has 6 feet Alligator as a pet

    Believe or not it’s really true that the woman from Florida has a pet named as Rambo. I know it’s very difficult to believe that Alligator as a pet can be very dangerous for human but Mary Thorn a pro wrestler from Lakeland, Florida has kept an Alligator as pet for 16 years. He is a part of her family. Rambo is very polite; wears cool jackets, and also understand the sign language, rides ATV’s and potty trained. Wildlife commission told that she has to find a new place where she can get the atmosphere more friendlily and can grow up to 11 feet in height.
  • Ring Worth $240,000 was lost and found from trash

    Ring Worth $240,000 was lost and found from trash

    A Missouri couple are very thankful to the trash company, who have stopped their work for a day and helped them to dig up two diamonds from the trash of 10 tons, when she called to the trash office very late and they couldn’t help her to find a ring but later his husband called the mayor and requested the officer to find the ring, they both were also digging in the trash and they were feeling very weird as they were all dirt, soda packets, dirty diapers but after a while they found the bag which was having the ring worth of $240,000 and they were very happy to get it.
  • Pigeons wearing Backpacks

    Pigeons wearing Backpacks

    Yes its true pigeons are given the backpacks of 25 g which let us know the measure of nitrogen dioxide levels produced by the city cars, buses, and trucks. They are used as Air Pollution controllers. Putting Air bags on the back of pigeons will spread the awareness that pollution have increased up to great extends, The Pigeon Air Patrol is a perfect example of how data combined with creative storytelling can raise awareness of a serious health and environmental issue.
Offbeat News- Poison Wipe out cancer in Mice

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