Operation that regenerate Eye Lenses

5 year ago
  • Operation that regenerate Eye Lenses
    A new technique is used in the regrowth of the functional lenses in the eyes of the babies that are facing congenital cataracts, scientist removes all the stem cells to regenerate the lenses, and they would remove the cells that cause the injury. Researchers have tried this treatment on animals and later try on small group of 12 infants under the age of two, who were suffering from cataracts, the University of California San Diego School of Medicine in the US named Dr Kang Zhang said that the goal of the research is that they need to repair the steam cells and try to regenerate the cells so that it can start working and proof the regenerative potential of the stem cell tissue successful.
  • After the successful approach the tissue can regenerate new human tissue and various human disease can be treated at very small age, this therapy is done in infants because they can heal very soon and we can also get results very soon and also the complications are also very less. When the 12 infants were implanted and tissues were regenerated, all of the babies can see with their clear biconvex lenses after 3 months. This new approach helps to reduce the risk of the sight damaging with less side effects, and Dr Dusko added that this treatment is the finest achievement in medical until now.

Darcy Bell 5 year ago

Amazing technique used for regenerating eye lenses

Daxon Lane 5 year ago

Do regrowth can be possible in tissues

kirti rav 5 year ago

is any side effects for this??

Operation that regenerate Eye Lenses

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