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Tiimmy Swift

Please come home,
I miss you so.
More then you could ever know.

Things have changed,
Since you've been gone.
No one to talk to
And no shoulder to cry on.

Our family and your friends
We all cried so much.
We miss you and your laugh
You're voice and soft touch.

I miss you and your smile.
I could add to this list,
Of everything I miss,
But there's no end, it doesn't exist.

I wish I could see you,
Just one last chance,
To see you smile,
Even if its just a glance.

I wish I could tell you
How much you meant to me
Just one last time,
Before you were set free.

Your life was too short
You had so much to live for
You were just eighteen,
And had places to explore.

Mom isn't the same
Without you in her life.
The emptiness in her eyes
Contains so much pain and strife.

Daddy has been drinking
He tries to forget,
What happened that day.
He drinks and smokes cigarettes.

It doesn't work though,
He just can't forget you.
He misses you so much,
And I do too.

Our brother is so sad
He can't cope with the pain.
A place in his heart,
Is where you'll always remain.

My sister, and your twin,
Still remains silent.
She lost her other half,
And seems so angry and violent

As for me, you're my idol
I just don't understand.
Why did you have to leave
Is it what God planned?

You have a place in my heart
I love you now, I love you still
I always have
And always will

I admire your strength
I admire your smile
I admire how you made
So many lives worthwhile.

The last breath you took,
You had a smile on your face.
And with that, I thank God
You're in a better place.

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Tiimmy Swift

There you are inside me, Jarek, you're on your way,
I'm more and more excited and scared every day.
Everything is so different and changed,
Life as I've known it - all rearranged.

You stretch and wiggle and move as you grow,
My belly gets bigger, my face stays aglow.
You're a strong little guy - your big muscles show,
You cracked mommy's rib just a few days ago!

Daddy's changing too - he's as proud as can be,
He's so attentive to mommy's every want and need.
Rubbing my belly, he talks to you every night,
He comes to every appointment to make sure you're alright,

The doc said "It's a girl" but didn't write it in ink,
We assumed he was right and got lots and lots of pink.
We went in for a 3-D, found a penis, "It's a boy!"
Our faces in shock, but our hearts… full of joy.

I've fallen in love with your handsome little face -
I show off your pictures all over the place!
On stamps, on invitations, to everyone I meet,
You look just like your daddy with your chubby little cheeks!

There's so much inside me and everything's new…
New thoughts, new fears, new emotions, and you!
I already love you like I've never felt before,
I wonder how there could possibly be room for more.

Can I teach you respect, show you love, make you strong?
Will you know in an instant that this is where you belong?
You'll teach me patience, show me strength, make me grow -
I'll learn from you every day - you lead and I'll follow.

I have so many worries as we prepare,
Our pockets are empty but we'll make it - I swear.
Can I be a good mother? Will you be okay?
I promise you everything…
…and NOTHING will stand in my way.

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Tiimmy Swift

I don't know when it happened.
I don't know when she came,
But, she's the one I always knew,
Grandma was her name.

She taught me how to tie my shoes.
She taught me how to talk.
And, though I can't remember,
I think she taught me how to walk.

When all the other kids in school
Would talk about Mom and Dad,
I wondered where my parents were,
That made me kinda' sad.

And, sometimes there were days I'd cry
Or hide my head in shame.
But Grandma took it all in stride,
And loved me all the same.

She'd wrap her arms around me,
And kiss me on the head.
She'd tell me that she loved me
When she tucked me into bed.

Being a teen, I remember the days
When being with friends was more fun.
And I wondered what it would have been like
To actually be someone's son.

To have a regular family
Some siblings, a mom, and a dad,
What had I done to deserve less than others?
Sometimes I felt so mad.

'It's alright, it's okay,' Grandma would say,
'One day you'll understand why,
Life just isn't fair to everyone you see.
It's always okay to cry.'

And when I went off to college,
I met the love of my life.
It was Grandma who was the first I told
That I planned to make her my wife.

Soon after I'd become a father,
For that I could hardly wait.
To have a child of my very own,
And, to make my Grandma a 'Great'.

A little girl to share her name,
For all that she'd given me.
So much I owed to Grandma,
That was plain to see.

As time passed and life grew short
I hoped my Grandma knew
That it was her love and her support
That always got me through.

If I could tell her one more thing
'Thanks Grandma', is what I 'd say
For loving me and making me,
The man I am today.

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