Pregnant Baby born with her own siblings

5 year ago
  • Pregnant Baby born with her own siblings
    A baby born in Hong Kong was found to be already pregnant, yes the news is very true that the baby who is born is also having a twins inside it body. A Chinese new born baby is carrying a twins in her abdominal area, firstly doctors thought that they were the tumours but when scanned found that they were the fetus in fetu. This condition is very rare. In this condition out of two one dies and the remains of the undeveloped fetus of twins starts to develop in the body of siblings.
  • After scanning they saw the cords, limbs, skin, rib cages, brain tissues, intestines, and other parts common in 10 weeks baby. When the baby was 3 weeks the doctors undergoes the operation and remove the fetus the larger one weighted 14.2g and the smaller one weighted 9.3g and fetus length was 37mm and 35mm. World Health organisation classified as the cancer as the baby was born in 2010 and the reason behind this abnormality is still not yet known and the reports are still missing. The above condition is known as fetus in fetu but it occur in just less than 200 cases out of 500,000 birth in the world. Later the surgery was successful and the girl was discharged after eight days from hospital.

Austin Jones 5 year ago

How this could be possible?

Darcy Bell 5 year ago

Poor baby feel pity for her

Pregnant Baby born with her own siblings

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