Rihanna have to cancel her France concert due to Nice terror attacks

5 year ago
  • Rihanna have to cancel her France concert due to Nice terror attacks

    Rihanna was causing from Antibes and various type of symptoms on Thursday evening when the terrorist killed 84 persons and left dozens alone wounded and when a truck was driven through a cage Day celebration in nearby .


    The 28 years old actress was seen looking tensed and nervous as she hold on glass of red wine and chatting to her phone. While in southern France She was enclosed by escort that made. She was snug as the slaying took place only about 15 miles away. The happening caused the Diamonds singer to wipe out her concert at the Tension in the air: Rihanna looked externally worried as she left a restaurant in Antibes after learning about the terrorist attack on a cage Day celebration on Thursday evening.

  • Incident caused the Diamonds singer to cancel her concert at the Allianz Stadium on Friday as part of her Anti World Tour. Rihanna looked NERVOUS shaken as she held onto her wine and phone after enjoying dinner at Michelangelo restaurant. She was seen on the street as two bodyguards hovered around her, taking her to another location. There was also a man with her who looked much like her Battlewagon director Peter Berg. He was dressed in black and carried a camera. The singer wore a white crop top and matching lax while carrying a colourful designer purse. Her hair and makeup were done PERFECTLY up for the dinner out in the small historic town which is sandwiched between Cannes and wonderful. 

  • It is believed Rihanna had been staying at the Hyatt in Awesome and was moved to another hotel outside of Nice on Thursday evening for security reasons. On Friday there was concern for the safety of the ex-girlfriend of Chris Brown and Drake. But her rep swiftly hand on she was 'safe and ok.' The Mayor of Nice has since announced that Rihanna's concert, along with city's jazz festival the following day, is cancelled. The Umbrella singer stood next to a man in white as they planned her next location. Before she was in France, the star had performed in Italy.

Rihanna have to cancel her France concert due to Nice terror attacks

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