Salman Khan’s Sultan Movie Big and Shocking Mistake got viral

5 year ago
  • Salman Khan’s Sultan Movie Big and Shocking Mistake got viral

    There are many plot holes in the movie Sultan as before his son dies he has just won the Olympic Gold world Championship and has done many commercial ads but soon after his son dies he lost all his wealth and was not having enough wealth to open a blood bank at his village, where all his wealth was gone as the movie shows he has not spend anywhere and he was seen begging for donation. I am sorry to say, this is Salman Bhai’s movie but been a logical person I have observe this in movie.  There is one more fact that Anushka Sharma is seen wearing a hairpin during fight and that is not allowed during the game.

  • If you saw the movie sultan, then you must haven’t notice these silly mistake that we have observed. When the wrestling match was going on in the movie, the scoreboard reads as IRI instead of IRA for Iran. The character of Salman is shown very generous where he picks up three kids in the middle of the road and gives lift to them but he gave them ganne ka rass and leaves them there.   Does that status really look like Salman Khan? He also admits that he is a human not a superman to lift such a huge tractor and show villagers how powerful man he is. 

  • In the film sultan Salman is standing in front of the mirror both images shown are different and taken from different angles. When Sultan goes for the selection without getting trained the banner on above reads to be held between 31 March to 5th April then how does Salman got trained for another month and gave the retest for his selection. The rival girl fighting against Anushka from jersey shows the name as Jade and country code as SA that means South Africa but the scoreboard shows ZAF. 

Salman Khan’s Sultan Movie Big and Shocking Mistake got viral

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