Scarlett Johansson Expose her Future Plans

5 year ago
  • Scarlett Johansson Expose her Future Plans

    Scarlett Johansson on set of Black Widow Movie has shot to the top of Hollywood highest paid actress and a role of Black widow was given to her in The Avengers. As now on she is speaking about her role and she agree to work about her role in a standalone movie. After casting as Black Widow she quickly has stolen hearts of viewers. Marvel started offering her roles from which one of them were co-lead role in Captain America. 

  • Scarlett exploring rich origins

    Scarlett exploring rich origins

    When interview with Johansson about her role as Black Widow and talking about her journey, but during this conversation it eventually turned to prospects of the character’s future.  She says that there is lots of opportunity that could in near future. Scarlett has lot of stuff that she can do by exploring rich origins. 

  • Johansson is a Solo performer

    Johansson is a Solo performer

    Johansson has been in this Black widow role since six years, and still she can make more years ahead in that suit.  She feels not at all thrilled in wearing the leather, skin-tight outfit and will make it work for that role. If anything that she don’t like is to stick to that leather suit, only the wardrobe is the biggest complication in getting a Black widow film.  This film has touched many heart and Scarlett has capacity to carry a film to highest take that we can see after watching LUCY film. 

Scarlett Johansson Expose her Future Plans

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