Scott Kelly Return to Earth after 340 days living in space

5 year ago
  • Scott Kelly Return to Earth after 340 days living in space
    Nasa Astronaut Scott Kelly returns from space after 340 days and is feeling very awful, yes in the press conference in Houston Scott told that he thought that he was living in space forever, but when he came down on earth he was getting a weird feeling and there was lots of body changed due to the gravity. Scott Kelly and Russian Mikhail nearly spend a year on international space station in order to study the effect of weightlessness, and the effect of change in the human body. Kelly said this was the biggest challenge for him to return to earth after a long time period. Kelly and Mark are the twin brothers where Mark is the retired and both are giving various tests for the NASA research physically and mentally. When Kelly returned back he felt severe aches and very sensitive skins, his normal height was increased by 1.5 in in orbit. When they landed on the earth from capsule they felt like amazing cool breeze and fragrance of plants, later added that Earth is the beautiful planet when there in space they saw all types of pollution like smoky clouds and dusty winds.
  • When asked to Kelly that is he ready to go again in space as Nasa would be planning for further Mars trip so if he would go then Kelly said I am not 100% done with my work if maybe I could be useful to them and I am ready to go for still 20 years more, rather they do need someone like me in next few years. Kelly after landing told that the place was magnificent and memorable time to leave there. And NASA has planned for moving in Mars till 2030 for 2.5 years but firstly they want to know how the body react to the condition and atmosphere. Scott Kelly was felt a bit of emotional after the farewell of his space mates Kelly's last tweet from orbit Tuesday provided a cliffhanger: 'The journey isn't over. Follow me as I rediscover #Earth!'

Darcy Bell 5 year ago

Scott you’re just amazing

Daxon Lane 5 year ago

Hope one day I too would get there and enjoy from space and talk to you guys

Rudy James 5 year ago

May be it’s more fun in earth rather to move there

Austin Jones 5 year ago

There are various changes in the body that we have to suffer after coming back to earth

Scott Kelly Return to Earth after 340 days living in space

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