Selena Gomez Biography, News and Career Secret

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  • Selena Gomez Biography, News and Career Secret

    Born On:  22 July, 1992

    Occupation: Actress, Singer, Producer, Fashion Designer

    Birthplace: Grand Prairie, Texas U.S.

    Net Worth: $45 million

    Measurement: 91-71-89 cm

    Weight: 59 Kg


    Selena Gomez was born on July 22, 1992 to a Mexican American father and semi Italian mother. She was named after the common singer Selena; she was elevated single-handed by her mother in Grand Prairie, Texas when her parents separated. Mandy later re-wed when Selena was 14. Her name ‘Selena’ means Moon in Greek. Sprinkler to celebrity for her exceling part as Alex Russo on Disney's Wizards of Waverly Habitation and have fun lead parts in the pictures Additional Cinderella Story, Princess Defence Program, Ramona and Beezus, Monte Carlo and Spring Breakers. In 2008, she shaped the group Selena Gomez pictures & the Scene. She unconfined three hit albums with the band, and then put out her single debut, Leads Dance, which touched #1 on the U.S. Trailer chart in 2013.

  • Gomez Family Background

    Gomez Family Background

    Selena Marie Gomez is a gorgeous and highly talented singer and actress, her father name is Ricardo Joel Gomez and mother Amanda Dawn, a stage actress. Both divorced when Selena was only five years old and Selena lives with her mother. Selena’s mother remarried to Brian Teefey. In 2014, Gomez sacked her parents as her managers, and engaged with the WME and Brillstein companies. Selena’s grandparents took care of her because Selena’s mother struggled a lot due to facing financial problems after divorce. Selena attended Danny Jones Middle School in Texas. 

  • Career success secret

    Career success secret

    She grew up detecting her mom practising for acting productions. Previously Warlocks of Waverly Place, she occupies herself in minor roles in 2003 she has done Spy Kids and in 2002-2004 Barney & Friends in main role(season 7 and 8)Gomez has divided out from entertainment, in 2005 Walker, Texas Ranger And in 2009 Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard     in voice role. Trial by Fire 2010 Ramona and Beezus were freeing her own clothing line through Kmart in 2010 and a self-titled fragrance in 2013. Gomez moulded her own making company in 2008, titled July Moon Productions; she is set to harvest the Netflix original series 13 Explanations Why. 

  • Selena Gomez earned 22 million singles worldwide

    Selena Gomez earned 22 million singles worldwide

    She has worked with various liberal administrations for years, and most particularly became a UNICEF ambassador at the age of seventeen. Since the jump of her career, Gomez has gone on to sell over 6.7 million albums and 22 million singles worldwide, agreeing to Billboard. Gomez has earned a number of awards and nominations for her work as an actress and singer, and has won an ALMA Award, a MTV Video Music Award, a Billboard Women in Music award, an iHeartRadio Music Award, a People's Choice Award and fifteen Teen Choice Awards. She spoke sound the character Mavis in the Hotel Transylvania films. In October 2015, she announced that she had Lupus. 

  • Selena Gomez New video song that she declared her own single "Good for you"

    Selena Gomez New video song that she declared her own single "Good for you"

    She had done hard work to deliver clean water for Ghana and to refreshed children to be environmentally-friendly through Disney's Friends for Change. Business-wise, Selena has settled a manufacture house named July Moon Productions and hurled an outfit line called Dream Out Loud. Meanwhile she is a green advocate. Later in June, Selena declared her own single "Good for you". Containing guest verse from ASAP Rocky, Selena Gomez songs attends as the first offering from Sel's first album for Inters cope, which has yet to have an official title or release date. The track recently debuted

  • Selena Gomez News and her Personal life affairs

    Selena Gomez News and her Personal life affairs

    She had a long-term relationship with pop star Justin Bieber and in 2016; she began dating Samuel K Rumours about Selena Gomez’s love life have buzzed since she was a teenage Disney star on “The Wizards of Waverly Place.” Selena’s on-again, off-again relationship with Justin Bieber has dominated headlines for years, but she’s also been linked to other celebrities including Nick Jonas, Taylor Lautner and Orlando Bloom. Read on to catch up on Selena’s love life! Roost She also previously dated actor Taylor Lautner and DJ Anton Zaslavski, AKA Zedd.

  • Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas (2008-2010)

    Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas (2008-2010)

    Nick and Selena outmoded on and mouldy for about two years once they were both Disney stars. Selena late kidded that her big precooked from the joining was best friend Taylor Swift. “Taylor and she dated Jonas brothers together,” she said. “They met when she was 18. Gomez was 15 or 16. She was so great to me. Then we became best friends.”

  • Selena Gomez and Taylor Lautner (2009)

    Selena Gomez and Taylor Lautner (2009)

    In 2009, Taylor and Selena were seen hanging out together on several apparent dates in Vancouver, where Selena was filming “Ramona and Beezus” and Taylor was filming “New Moon.” Some bases said they were just friends, but others said they were absolutely a couple. Selena gave a wary answer in an interview, saying, “Taylor has complete me so happy. I didn't know I could be that happy.  You perhaps see it in the Selena Gomez pictures! I'm smiling so big. He's a great guy. But I am 100 percent single, and I'm going to keep it that way for a while.

  • Selena Gomez and Cameron Michael Quiseng (2010)

    Selena Gomez and Cameron Michael Quiseng (2010)

    Selena was seen spending time with Cameron, the bassist for All-star Weekend, in 2010. Selena never stated and Cameron chatted around the question, saying the, "This is the truth. One line! I'm not gone say [if we're dating]. Selena is awesome.”

  • Selena Gomez and Mark Salling (2010)

    Selena Gomez and Mark Salling (2010)

    Selena was also seen spending time with the much-older “Glee” star after they were seen texting at the Teen Choice Awards. However, the gossips never went anywhere.

  • Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber (2010-2014)

    Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber (2010-2014)

    Selena and Justin began dating in 2010, and numerous break-ups and make-ups later, they're still an item - probably.

  • Selena Gomez and Romeo Miller (2013)

    Selena Gomez and Romeo Miller (2013)

    Romeo posted some frisky Instagram photos of Selena while she was wrecked up with Justin Bieber and even told TMZ he’d love to go on a date with her. But did that date ever actually happen?

  • Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom (2014)

    Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom (2014)

    Selena and Orlando were speckled together at a Chelsea Coach show just once, but the rumours expected played a part in Orlando and Justin’s fight in Ibiza this summer - as did the rumours that Justin had hooked up with Miranda Kerr.

  • Selena Gomez and Tommaso Chiabra (2014)

    Selena Gomez and Tommaso Chiabra (2014)

    In July, Selena was seen receiving close with Tommy in Saint Tropez - paparazzi caught them holding hands and hugging, However, a month later, Selena was back with Justin Bieber again - at least on Instagram.

  • Selena Gomez Latest News and some of her Unknown facts

    Selena Gomez Latest News and some of her Unknown facts

    Selena is of Mexican and Italian descent. She got her elementary education from Danny Jones Middle School located in Texas. Selena’s favourite colour is green. Some of her nicknames include: Sel, Selly, Selenita and Conchita. The first concert she ever attended was a Britney Spears show. She recalled, "I just remember it being the highlight of my life! I felt like I was on cloud nine!"


  • Selena made her television debut at age 7, on Barney and Friends, where she met her best friend, Demi Lovato. In October 2008, Gomez launched her own production company, July Moon Productions, and partnered with XYZ Films. She earned a high school diploma through home-schooling in May 2010.

  • Selena is an avid surfer and skater. Even though lemons are bitter as they are, Selena likes to eat them whole and even adds salt to them. She owns five rescue dogs. Their names are Baylor, Chip, Willy, Fina and Wallace. Selena Gomez is a huge fan of Cheryl Cole and wishes to record a duet with her. Selena’s favourite movie genre is horror. Her favourite actress is Rachel McAdams. Selena Gomez protects her voice by drinking olive oil!

  • Selena had her first kiss when she was 12 years old with Dylan Spouse. Gomez is good friends with fellow pop singer Taylor Swift. Selena used to wear a purity ring that said “true love waits,” but it has since disappeared from her finger once she started dating Justin Bieber. He has a half-sister named Gracie Elliot Tee fey who was born June 12, 2013. Selena’s favourite fruit is mango. 

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