She's My Treasure

7 year ago
  • She's My Treasure 7 year ago

  • She's My Treasure

    She's my treasure,
    with whom I can share,
    all the thoughts and feelings,
    I wouldn't be able to bear.

    My hope and my joy,
    for going through this life.
    Past every single problem,
    and every single strife.

    I love her most dear,
    with all of my heart.
    I will always remember,
    we shall never be apart.

    I'll remember her words,
    those wise words she spoke.
    I will always remember,
    her every single joke.

    Her courage and strength,
    when the going got rough.
    We stuck through it together,
    nothing could ever be too tough.

    Fear was destroyed,
    by our will to achieve.
    We will conquer our faults,
    we will always believe.

    We both believe in each other,
    we will both stand together.
    This is how it will be,
    forever and ever!

She's My Treasure

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