Shocking but true!! Michael Jackson Wanted to Marry Emma Watson

5 year ago
  • Shocking but true!! Michael Jackson Wanted to Marry Emma Watson

    Michael Jackson wanted to marry his 12-year-old British god daughter or I would say 11-year-old Harry Potter actress Emma Watson, according to the doctor blamed for the pop star's death. His first choice for nuptials was Harriet, the 12-year-old daughter of Oliver! Star Mark Lester, but Watson soon became his second choice, says the doctor, who has written a sensational tell-all book called "This Is It" about the bizarre, dark world of the 400 million-record selling megastar. Michael Jackson fell in love with Harriet when she was practically five years old and became haunting with her by the time she turned 12. 


  • Conrad Murray also revealed that Jackson insisted on him going and meeting Mark Lester. Harriet's father and Jackson's close friend met to discuss his marriage plans with his daughter. Michael Jackson was so fond of Emma Watson that he even had a cardboard cut-out of hers at his Los Angeles home. 63-year-old claims Jackson who died of a prescription drugs overdose in 2009 confided in him about his crush on Harriet, reports


  • Michael Jackson tried to compete freely fall and love of and said money really doesn’t matter and money was not a motivation. He also denied any financial motives for having written the book. "Money was never my motivation," he said. He also said that the book contains the true story of Jackson's life. Being Jackson's friend, they shared secrets that were never shared by anyone. "This is the true story of Michael's life that has never been told. It is the final word. It is the story of who Michael Jackson really was. It's the truth," he stated.

Darcy Bell 5 year ago

Seriously Michael Jackson wanted to marry Emma

Cody Kelly 5 year ago

I think the doctor is telling lies

Martin Wood 5 year ago

How could his parents allow his daughter to get married to a old guy

Rudy James 5 year ago

It's all rubbish

Ruya Knaus 5 year ago

I agree it is rubbish

Amy Wanders 3 year ago

This is ridiculous rubbish and really, this is soooo fake. its not even close to being convincing

Shocking but true!! Michael Jackson Wanted to Marry Emma Watson

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