Shocking Giant Animal in the world

5 year ago
  • Shocking Giant Animal in the world
    Giant Animals of every species are available here and you will be definitely be surprise when you’ll check out seeing the largest animals with varying shapes, size, and can also live for so long that their body consume more and have break the world record for their huge mass and height, have a look to the series.
  • Here we have the Giant Freshwater Stingray and Japanese Spider Crab are one of the largest species where crabs can weigh up to 41 lbs and can also do serious damage with their claws whereas the stingray is known as a nightmare fuel and this can grow up to 1,300 lbs and is also very dangerous.
  • Here we have Giant Chinese Salamander and a largest cow in the world which is 6.5 feet tall, 14 feet long and weighs over 1 ton, it can produces the big Macs of 7,665 and the largest Lizard can grow up to 6 feet in length, and is completely blind, it’s one of the largest amphibian in the world and can you can find them in lakes of china.
  • Shocking but true we have a giant Oarfish and Macroptychaster sea Stars, scientists in Antarctic found this stars in 2008 and they were surprise to see such a large one and the biggest and longest Oarfish is very rarely seen and it came washed up near the shore side and the beach goers check out the fish and found this largest fish in the world.
  • Here we have the Giant frog and the African Snail this was found in Africa of East and the length has reached up to 8 inches, this pest was found in urban areas and this are so dangerous that they can also spread diseases, and next is the African Goliath Frog in Cameroon that can live up to 15 years and will eat anything like bugs, snakes, other small frogs and much more.
  • Here we have the Mekong Catfish and Percheron supreme world champion a horse stands high and is a known for the biggest heighted horse in the world for a very good reason this horse is called as Champion. Whereas this giant fish found in china as we know that china is very polluted they are found in these waterways, they can grow up to 10.5 feet long and can feed large amount of marine insects and small fishes.
  • Surprise to see this Giant beetle in child’s hand and the largest Hog which is also very wild and is caught by 11 year old hunter, the pig weighted 1,051 lbs and measured 9 feet from the tip to the base of tail, whereas the big Giant Beetle is found in south America and is the second largest Hercules named beetle in the world which can grow up to 6.5 inches.
  • We have largest saltwater crocodile with 21 feet long and this was captured by the hunter alive after 3 week of continues hunt whereas the Nomura’s jellyfish is the found in the coast of Japan and can weight up to 440 lbs and it’s the same size of a lion’s mane jellyfish and is the largest in the world.
  • We have Flemish Rabbits which is so big and giant weighting a lot more than a dog have broken the record and the Coconut crabs they aren’t as delicious as they sound, their claws are so powerful that they can also break the coconut with their claws, it’s found on the Island across the Indian Ocean and parts of the pacific Ocean.
  • Here we have Flying Fox called as Fruit eating Bat is found in New Guinea and is largest bat on the earth, whereas the cane toad is originally found in the south and central America, it is most dangerous of all and the skin of the few predators are really very toxic.

Herman Kaur 5 year ago

Yak that are so large and also weird

Ricky Parker 5 year ago

Omg the Cow is so heighted and check out the snail I haven’t seen these thing before

Wilson George 5 year ago

Really Shocking

Neha Patel 5 year ago

Daring that child is not afraid to hold that beetle in hand

Herman Kaur 5 year ago

Rabbit is the just the size of a Dog

Shocking Giant Animal in the world

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