Small Bionic Eye Surgery can give back your Vision

5 year ago
  • Small Bionic Eye Surgery can give back your Vision
    Now Blind can also see through their New Bionic Eye implantation, yes the new technology buzz of 2016 is here now with the amazing truth that all blind people or any rare vision people can see now by implanting the bionic eye on the back of their retina. Bionic Eye implantation can be done by very professional Eye Surgeon and they can get their vision back. But you might be having question in your mind what is Bionic Eye and how do it work? Let me explain everything what and how it works.
  • What is Bionic Eye Implant? It’s a kind of device that works on 60 electrodes, and inserted on the back of the eye and settled perfectly on the right of the retina. After a week when the healing is done the person is given the glasses to wear which has a tiny camera attach to it in front middle portion of the glasses. It may take weeks to see the blurry outline image. Doctors say that firstly the free test is been done to check the person eye condition because at least 10% of optic nerve intact should be there inside your eye that can help to send signal, then only the person is allowed to implant the bionic eye. How Bionic Eye Implant works? I can explain this question in very simple way, When the camera is attach in the glass takes a video picture of the real moving object then the signals are sent to the wireless transmitter later the transmitter relay that signals to the sensor that are attached with the retina, the sensors stimulates the retina with the electric impulses, these impulses sends signal visual messages to the visual cortex of the brain. Then the brain react to the situation they saw in the video, this how the bionic eye implant works. There are also several criteria also that the person age should be more than 25 years, would follow every clinical fit-up required, permission for removal of natural lens to implant bionic eye.

Austin Jones 5 year ago

That cool technology stuff you have bought

Cody Kelly 5 year ago

Does it have any side effects?? Or any others infection issue

Ricky Parker 5 year ago

How much it can last longer after implanting? Do we need to again implant after some period?

Wilson George 5 year ago

Amazing, great information

Small Bionic Eye Surgery can give back your Vision

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